The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Not In My Backyard! Pleeeeease!

So, with the much-needed rain over the weekend, we unfortunately got some unwelcome windstorms. I always hope there won't be too much damage around the city (especially to people and houses), but while I had trees on the brain... I forgot about fences. The short part of the backyard fence that abuts a neighbor went down Saturday night. It's the same fence we replaced 16 years ago (when we bought the house) after another winter windstorm. :(

I saw the neighbor last weekend, and he mentioned replacing the posts... but didn't get to them in time. So, he was back there with a crew replacing the fence itself on Sunday. We don't know what his job is, but maybe he works in contracting? He definitely "knew a guy" on very short notice!

I watched The Property Brothers for the first time in ages on Saturday. My daughter says she's always trying to figure out which one of them is gay (yeah, me too), and my recent viewing pinged at "both" instead of just Drew. (Could be one or neither, but...) Jonathan used to be hotter, with the longer hair—and the first time I saw the show I didn't realize they were twins instead of just brothers. Now, his hair is so similar to Drew's that I would have a hard time telling the two apart on sight alone if it weren't for Jonathan's obsessive love of plaid. (Their personalities are pretty different). I hadn't watched the show in ages. It's highly formulaic, so I burnt out on it, but the main problem was the general HGTV trend of "precast of upcoming developments" before the commercial break and then "recap of the previous" after the commercial. Like, 4 minutes per 30-minute show of that! I lose patience with it, and start to feel all ADHD (and yeah, there might be some tendencies there).

Channel-surfing later, I went through that familiar rant of "Why isn't Tiny House Nation ever on a channel we get?" And since it has the same precast/recap issue as the HGTV shows, shouldn't it be on their network?

Other TV: with the rains and subsequent garage-biking, I've made it to 5x13 of The Walking Dead (so much heartbreak in these last two seasons). I also watched some of my Fargo backlog while working on LEGOs yesterday. Still haven't made a dent in S3 of Hannibal, though. Someday...

Much of the weekend was spent reading Idol entries. There will be heavy elimination from the teams this week, so any votes for all members of my Weird Sisters team really help. All entries for this week are linked here, and there are some fantastic stories.

Also? This is the last week to take a crack at Second Chance Idol! Those of you who might return (thistle_verse and murielle, I'm begging you) or try it new (hi, desertport!), please check it out!

And now... work. SO much work. ForEVER. Good weekend? Eventful if not good?

Tags: home disasters, random, tv

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