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Last week was a blur of Moot Court competitions for our son. His team went to the finals, but finished second this year. We think they would have won except that their opening speaker froze up (a first), and they couldn't recoup the points from that. :( I'll bet that next year, they weigh more heavily the input of "I do not want to be the opening speaker!" when they set up the team...

For Super Tuesday (I can't believe it's that time already, or frankly, only Tuesday), I bring you links: John Oliver's Trump Image vs. Trump Reality episode, and the S.F. Chronicle's Opinion piece on Trump, Cruz, and Rubio: Not So Different (content vs. style). Our daughter informally debated a Bernie-Bro over the weekend. Of the Trump video, she says she wants the hat at the end (she would never wear it), and in general swears that she wants a lifesize cardboard Hillary cutout for her dorm room. I say, that's what her allowance is for. ;O

HalfshellHusband and I recently watched Existenz, since it's available on Netflix streaming and we were debating choices:
Me: I don't always hate David Cronenberg's movies.
HalfshellHusband: That's not much of a recommendation.

Suffice to say, it was about what you'd expect from Cronenberg. He has talent, but I would LOVE it if he would outgrow that juvenile desire to squick viewers. It seems like sadism: While I have you as an audience, let me foist my ook on you and make you squirm. So, plenty of that for no damn good reason. OTOH, Jude Law is so young and gorgeous in that movie. Prematurely losing his hair is a crime against human aesthetics.

Not momentous news: After what must be about a year, the cat finally discovered that we keep her catnip bat in the large pot with her other "toys," and that yes, she can get to it by herself. I think I may have to move it out of reach. Depends on whether I have to repair it again anytime soon. She can be pretty hard on it!

Also, more than most, while this cat is clever enough to open cupboards and doors, there are moments when it looks as if her brain has turned off. She's either thinking about something other than what's happening right then and there, or there is nobody home. Hard to know, since she can't tell us, but that blank expression looks exactly like Derp.

What's happening on your Tuesday? We've definitely moved into Spring here (as of early February—the yard is already taking off), but I'm sure it's still winter somewhere...

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