The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Wodenstag and Non-Duck Ducks

So, the Thursday Next book I'm reading is not the one I thought it was. Not sure how I always confuse Book 2 with Book 3, except that it seems like The Well Of Lost Plots (actually Book 3) should come right after the first one. Fine, I guess I'll just be ratholing down most of the series then, because I know I'll want to re-read 3 and 4 is my favorite. OTOH, Book 2 definitely uses the footnoterphone, so I can see how workable that is on Kindle once I have practice.

Did anyone besides Cindy try out the BunDucksLiga 2016 Qualifying Rounds and Finals videos? My daughter's favorite team is Bayern-München, whose duck has lederhosen and a Tyrolean hat, and looks fairly derpy overall. This year, they seem to have chosen a new vendor for some of the ducks—their faces look utterly panicked. My favorite are the "non-duck" ducks, though. Last year's Werder-Bremen frog is now a lawn gnome, there's a wolf of some sort for Wolfsburg, and then a sheep that the announcer insists on calling a "foal." What is up with that? He says it multiple times, and it is definitely a sheep!

This is like watching the beginning of Chappie, where Anderson Cooper plays himself. My memory of that is the buzz of whatever Cooper's lines were, broken by "Wait, did he just say robut?" and "There it is again, I swear he's saying robut" followed by "For the love of god, WHY is he saying ROBUT?"

I cannot hear "robut" without thinking of Zoidberg, so that just makes everything weirder.

No real progress on my Idol entry yet. Lots of ideas that don't want to be written, and another busy work-week. Also, my outdoor bicycling time is when I usually think this through, and that will not be happening before the deadline day. :( Stupid, stupid rain!

Tags: books, humor, recs-books, recs-vids

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