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Drip... drip... drip...

I misjudged my biking opportunities this weekend, and let Saturday creep too far toward darkness while I dithered over the unexpected clouds. I went running instead, but Sunday's clear weather was windier than forecast. TOO windy. Nuts—settled for garage-biking. Monday was too windy again, today is rainy, so I'll be hauling the bike back from work to bike in the garage again. Hey, at least I'm enjoying The Walking Dead in there. I'm in late Season 4 now.

While researching Hozier last week, I finally (two years late to the party) saw the heartbreaking video for Take Me To Church. Wow. Now I'm shipping the two characters/actors in that vid together, because I'm an idiot like that. I Googled them, and both (along with the head villain) are part of a comedy group in Ireland that mainly does satirical videos. Some are fairly long and of the "Possibly the joke has gone on too long here" variety—one features both actors from that Hozier vid being "interviewed" as all the characters from a shipwreck—but I still liked them. Some were pretty good, including Oh Yummy-Food Delivery Service (every bad automated-phone-system experience you've ever had, except possibly worse) and Bünotech.

So, Bünotech! The German/Scandinavian geek version of "hip" displayed in the one character's choice of flipped-up collar with bowtie cracks me up, but moreover... I work in the tech industry, and this vid seems like a lot of what comes down the pike:

Tech Company: This is the greatest [hype] ever to arrive. It's so much more [hype] than the competition!
You: What is it you actually make?
Tech Company: We [hype] the [hype] because [hype]. It's visionary, a revolution in [HYPE]!
You: What's the end goal, though, the purpose?
Tech Company: To [hype] the [hypey-hype] in a fantastic, innovative [hype] of [hype]!
You: Okay fine, don't tell me.

Bookwise, I inadvertantly reread all of The Eyre Affair. I'm trying to decide on some Kindle books to buy (mostly, I just borrow them from the library), and the Thursday Next series would be an ideal candidate except that the "footnoterphone" effect does not translate well to Kindle. I wanted to see how awkward it was (my son re-read the series on Kindle recently, and got that feature to work), but I forgot that there is no footnoterphone in the first book! Still, a good read. Now I've slipped into the second book, because hey—that was one of my favorites from the first time around. I finished The Sea of Trolls on Saturday—a really good kids book with lots of Viking detail, though not suitable for under age 10 (it's kind of gory). Probably about time to add a fourth book into my ongoing mix...

Hey, if YOU were a book, what book would you be? And why?

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