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Tunez & Moar

I promised some music links a couple of days ago, so I'm back. :D

Someone linked me to an Adele "Tiny Desk Concert," and I poked around in other Tiny Desk Concerts and ran across Hozier. I first encountered his music when Angel Of Small Death And The Codeine Scene was featured on The Blacklist, since I don't really listen to the radio much. Here is the Hozier Tiny Desk Concert, which has surprisingly good sound quality. It's his blues influence that I really like (his dad was a blues musician), much as the blues covers by Led Zeppelin tend to be my favorites of their songs. Also notable is Hozier's cover of Illinois Blues. There are several live performances of it, but again—the sound quality on that one is pretty good.

yachiru pointed me toward the Gay Pirates song, which then led to listening to some other songs by Cosmo Jarvis, namely Maxine and She's Got You. Surprisingly catchy.

Our daughter was thrilled to discover that someone made a musical about Alexander Hamilton, who is her favorite founding father. This is not a recommendation! The music is pretty terrible, lots of mediocre rap and then very vanilla generic-type show tunes. Still, she loves it (yes, even though she hates rap) because it speaks to her geek. The show apparently is coming to San Francisco, so she might actually get a chance to go see it.

Courtesy of the S.F. Chronicle telling the above, I think I should also link this great story on the PB & J Bot installed in a San Francisco market. I swear, people probably feed money into it hoping for it to have one of its "meltdowns," as that apparently is a sight worth seeing!

And referencing our daughter again... the Bundesliga has created new videos for 2016 of the BunDucksLiga Qualifying Rounds and Finals. A brave move to take it outdoors this year, but I see the "crowd" has grown, so perhaps they needed a bigger venue. ;)

My Idol entry has barely started. Too sleepy to get very far last night, and I'v been doing work stuff late into the night since Monday. Suckage! I'll have to poke at it when I get home. Meanwhile... finally Thursday. That extra work makes the week seem like it has gone on For.Ev.Er. :(

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