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I've tried a couple of times to Google a condition that plagues the base of our cherry tree and the middle of one of our rose trees. But the best description I could think of the other day was "rose carbuncles," which resulted in links offering to show me rose-colored carbuncles on humans. No thank you!

I just now tried "rose boils" as another option, and the hits that came up were more disgusting than the first thing. Wow.

I did finish pruning our walkway rose trees on Sunday. I did 7 of the 10 the previous weekend (on the only non-rainy day), but ran out of daylight. Now they're all done. But one of them has been suffering from those lumpy growths for several years, and now they're spreading, so I need to find an answer for that before I forget all over again and the plant eventually dies. :(

The new Idol prompts are up, but I have no idea what to write for any of them. We just have to pick one, and I've parsed a few down to more abstracted meanings, but... still no story inspiration. Any ideas? They are

"All lies and jest still, a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."
"When you live for someone you're prepared to die"
"This is a gift, it comes with a price, who is the lamb and who is the knife?"
"The security deposit is non-refundable and will be retained by management as liquidated damages."

Last week's entry was crack, which was fun but also more work than you might expect. Writing humor generally is! Comics talk about that kind of thing, where it might be just a word choice—"chicken" is funnier than "dove" and "sturgeon" is funnier than "salmon." At least, out loud. :D

Might share some music links tomorrow, thanks to some ratholing around at youtube due to various comments on other people's Idol entries. What are YOU listening to these days?

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