The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Not secret, just weird...

I thought I should acquaint you with some of the weird workings of my mind, based on something I was researching a couple of weekends ago.

We had to remove some ancient and dangerous trees in the front yard about 6 years ago, and one of the areas keeps growing weird fungus. It's flattish and red and large, and normally I just pull it and throw it away. Some new growths have come up at the roots of two plants, and successfully engulfed the bottom of one of the plants. I tried pulling the fungus apart, and cutting it with clippers, and stabbing it with the weeding tool and prying at it... the stuff is like leather. It would take me at least a half-hour to reclaim that plant, and I guess I don't love it that much. :(

This all prompted me to start Googling around for what the hell the fungus IS, though. I stumbled across a blog with the fantastic name of What is this thing in my yard?, and another site that has photos of unusual (well, out here in the West) and often beautiful fungus and lichen. And those weren't really a help, but I think I found my culprit, which is bracket fungus. Which may or may not be susceptible to cinnamon (if it would stop raining long enough). I think that plant's a goner.

Other weird: after reading Jim Gaffigan's Dad Is Fat, I've now started his Food: A Love Story. I was up late last night because I hit the chapter on the Northeastern U.S. which he refers to as Seabugland. God, I immediately had the urge to try to figure out a way to email it to our daughter, knowing it would either amplify her crustacean phobia or she would think, "Yes! Finally, someone else gets it!" This is still a possibility, because Googling turned up that chapter on the line above. Read it for yourself! I personally love lobster and scallops, and I'm usually okay with crab. But the man has a point. :D

Other news: we watched Minions this weekend, and loved it. My son claims that the minions are mainly loved by middle-aged white people (? I would think children too, surely), but he laughed all through the movie too. ;) Oh, Bob, how I adore you! We also saw the Luther episodes, and those were good (in a dark, dramatic, totally non-minion way).

I took a stab at my Idol entry last night, and will try to finish a draft today. This approach is non-fiction, and I think it will make for a good story. Let me just tell you, though, that readers are going to love where rayaso is going with it. So gloriously weird.

All right, then, back to the salt code mines...

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