The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Back from the Internet-Free Zone of Vacation!

Finally back from vacation, or mostly anyway, but more unpacking to deal with plus first day of school tomorrow (new school for my son, and big transportation hassles) AND my son's birthday.

We had a wonderful time visiting family, except for the part about eating too much and my mother's seeming desire to stuff us at every turn. It's a relief to go to my sister's house, where there's no cooking other than what WE do.

I DID have Monster Cookies (alas, too many) and some good coffee (vendors and starbucks) and terrible coffee (my parents house. Yeesh. Worse than ever).

We visited Proxy Falls, and my son and I successfully hiked to both (including an off-trail experience to hike almost to the top of the prettiest one). The trail has changed since I was there ten years ago, which helped my husband and daughter get lost for awhile (they decided to follow along after, since my daughter is kind of a weenie at physical activities). I don't know what my husband was thinking there, since getting lost is the only consistent outcome to his solo ventures. :( But it was gorgeous, and... I need to tweak a tiny part of my SPN story for fact-fixing now that the trails different (and I apparently can't keep straight the upper vs. lower falls).

We had a quite, disastrous trip to the beach and back. Over the years we've gone, we've had one successful trip to Florence years ago, and two to the Seaside area (far North Oregon Coast). The Central Coast has been awful all the other years. Often foggy, but the blowing sand is the worst. It stings your skin, collects in all your clothes (and food), and this time it was arctic as well. Gah! Next year, we will either plan for the North or skip it altogether.

I didn't do as much writing or reading as I'd hoped (very sleepy much of the time), but I did start a 5-part PB fic I've been meaning to write, finished another PB-Gen, and wrote most but not all of the "drabbles" I'd promised. Some ARE actual drabbles. And some are more like ficlets. Post will follow this week.

I see new friends have joined-- welcome! And I haven't forgotten my old friends-- ivy_x3, I still owe you a beta and I'm sorry it's taking so long. Still on my list unless you've given up on me.

Well, I'm going to begin posting a few snippets bit by bit in getting caught up. Half dead right now-- we drove part way down Saturday night, and stayed in a motel that was a fleabag in all senses except for the actual fleas. Hot, dirty and icky. AND... (I'm going to remember this for fic, I swear)... I forgot about the tendency to use klieg lights to illuminate the parking lot, that make it seem as if you're trying to sleep in twilight. Spent the night with discarded pajamas over my eyes, and got about 1 total hour of sleep.

Tired and stupid now. Bleh.

Hope you've all been good, and I'm trying to work through the f-list even now (because I'm compulsive and bull-headed that way). :D Nice to be back!
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