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Inside Out... Boy, You Turn Me...

You've probably seen this meme:

Pixar, 1995: What if toys had feelings?
Pixar, 1998: What if bugs had feelings?
Pixar, 2001: What if monsters had feelings?
Pixar, 2003: What if fish had feelings?
Pixar, 2004: What if superheroes had feelings?
Pixar, 2006: What if cars had feelings?
Pixar, 2007: What if rats had feelings?
Pixar, 2008: What if robots had feelings?
Pixar, 2009: What if dogs had feelings?
Pixar, 2012: What if Scotland had feelings?

We watched Inside Out on Monday, and that summary was perfect. We really enjoyed it, and Anger was definitely everyone's favorite character. He had a red, toad-shaped head and a blocky little body, and a frighteningly (or fabulously) short fuse. So cute!

Seeing what was going on inside other characters' heads (the pre-teen boy, the disaffected counter-girl at the pizza place, the neighborhood cat, the bus driver on Lombard Street)—so funny. And the movie made me cry in a couple of places as well, which is SO Pixar. They are really good with poignancy, and that's what gets you. Think of that minute-long montage near the beginning of Up, an entire lifetime of wonderful, happy, heartbreaking moments conveyed in a tight, perfect sequence. It's hard not to be moved by that.

I'm still behind on all things Christmas, though progress is happening. Lights are now up outside—much less than we normally do, but we are no longer the dark, humbug house. Presents are bought, and a few wrapped (all the ones that will go to the Bay Area relatives). I spent almost the entire afternoon in the kitchen, making treats. I really need to remember that making chocolate-coated pretzel rods takes forever, and is too labor-intensive to bother with. I tried homemade peppermint bark again, and I have no idea how that will turn out. Too brittle when I made it 3-4 years ago. This time, kind of soft—and I probably should be using melting chocolate instead of white chocolate chips, as you can't get those to melt down nicely without milk, heat, and a lot of stirring—and thus, they don't stay white.

Tomorrow, we WILL (I swear it) bring the Christmas tree into the house, put it in the stand, and decorate it. We've been stuck by my Lego project (now cleaned up) and the fact that HalfshellHusband can't really lift or maneuver that tree as his wrist is still recovering. It'll be me and "the boy," and no one is looking forward to that. :O

I also have another batch of cookies to bake tomorrow, to make sure the Bay Area folks and my own family have enough, as we plan to drive up the day after Christmas. That Saturday looks like the only good day in a long stretch, too—cold but sunny. I hope there isn't too much accumulation of snow on the highway going over the pass. Always the danger spot.

So, is everyone else who's doing Christmas ready? Or pretty close? I should probably have passed on Idol this round because of it's starting before Christmas, but I can never help myself.

Time to go clean up the last of the mess in the kitchen, now that it has soaked for 30 minutes (and needed it).

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