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20 December 2015 @ 11:26 pm
O Christmas pig, oh Christmas pig...  
how chubby are your... wobble-chins? \o?

This is all a reference to the last post. I've found myself rewording carols to match that lawn decoration. Either "Tanenbaum" or "Christmas pig, Christmas pig, piggy all the way..." It wasn't Santa riding a chicken, but it was still pretty weird.

HalfshellHusband's birthday was yesterday. We went out for Chinese food (new restaurant for us), and it was very good. Mine, though... at some point, I began wondering what sliced almonds were doing in Szechuan chicken, and bit into one to confirm my worst fears: sliced garlic. Bring on the Tums! HSH's Kung Pao chicken was terrific, and the crab Rangoon was fabulous.

My office went to see the new Star Wars movie last week. All kinds of fun, and highly entertaining. I was kind of worried, TBH (after the most recent 3 movies), and J.J. Abrams duplicates earlier source material a lot more than I would like, but it was very satisfactory. Domnall Gleeson left his hair red for a change and is playing a villain. I don't know when the kids will see the movie (or if our daughter will even bother), but regardless.. I fully expect to hear "Gingers have no souls" for at least a week afterward. Not looking forward to that.

Our daughter got me hooked on The Great British Baking Show, and we're watching the first season on Netflix. Also the pilot of iZombie, which she insisted wasn't as gory as most zombie stuff. So, now I'm watching three zombie shows and I don't even like zombies.

Almost done with Breaking Bad, and I'll be sorry when it's over. What a ride, though.

I might get outdoor lights up in a day or two, though I have kitchen projects and wrapping left, too. Please tell me you're farther along than I am...

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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on December 21st, 2015 07:26 pm (UTC)
You know, the NY Times crossword puzzle had a clue that was "lead character in the new Star Wars movie," and who would you have expected that to be? I was thinking, "Rey," but it was 4 letters and it was Finn. She still feels like slightly more of the lead to me, but you could easily make a case that it's a solid 50-50 split. Still... made me wonder if gender bias was driving that particular clue. :O