The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

When you wish upon a star...

... something something in a jarrrr. \o?

(The anti-Disney strikes again.)

So, it's back to work now after a nice week off. I didn't bike on the parkway as much as I expected last week (too cold), but I did discover that the wireless signal in the garage is pretty good! I'm watching more Breaking Bad again. Other shows I want to see but HalfshellHusband doesn't are in my Netflix queue. I tried Better Off Ted DVDs, the week before, but the hour-long dramas work SO much better. I go through about two of them per biking session, as opposed to four half-hour comedy episodes (which leave my brain feeling fried and vaguely ADHD). If the El Nino threat comes through, I'll be glad to have lots of garage-biking fodder.

While I was off, I read The Crossing (the new Harry Bosch book) in about two days, and just finished The Ocean At The End Of The Lane (Neil Gaiman) yesterday. Both were terrific. I'm almost done with Albert of Adelaide (from which I learned that platypuses can poison other animals—who knew?), and have really whittled down my "To read" pile.

I made a little progress on home projects, raked leaves, and did some Xmas shopping. The big baking will start in a week or two. No decorations or lights up yet—maybe next weekend? If I'm not still writing my Idol entry?

And now here's something my son stumbled over last week. Probably everyone but us has already seen this penguin mishap, but it just cracked me up. You can't help giving it a human interpretation. At first, I took the penguin cries for "Oh noes!", but after looking at the one leaning forward and seemingly mocking the other penguin, it came off more like "Ha-ha-HA! So THERE!" And then the fallen penguin stands back up with a noise that either means, "Brrr, that ground is freezing", or "Oh yeah, I am BACK. Suckers!"

Either way, I have watched it (and listened to the *schloop-thud* *agggghhh* *HhhhWAH!*) at least twenty times now.

I was caught up on my f-list the week before Thanksgiving, and then fell behind, but I'm working my way back again. Hope everyone is doing well!

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