The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Dropping by...

I'm woefully behind on reading my f-list and posting my own entries. It's been kind of overwhelming since HalfshellHusband broke his wrist, with more to do around the house.

HSH has been really sick for about 1 1/2 weeks now. He picked up something in the hospital while he was having or recovering from surgery, and it has led to severe dysentery. He got an antibiotic for it late on Sunday, and the treatment is heavy-duty and lengthy. So far, the stomach cramps are better, but nothing else is. I hope we'll see some results soon, because it's awful for him and it's worrying.

The plus side of our weekend was watching The Song Remains The Same, at our son's request. He's been listening to excerpts on youtube, and wanted to see the movie. I think HSH and I watched it about 20 years ago. I still find Robert Plant's performance kind of distracting, but the singing is good. I've only recently come to appreciate drummers, so wow to Bonzo's performances there, and I'm crushing on Young Jimmy Page because of his talent. So wrong, but there it is. I hadn't realized what a busy performer he was—none of his guitar work is ever in the "background" on a live performance. Amazing. I do wish John Paul Jones wasn't always parked in the shadows, or just never really featured. There are parts where you can hear him going nuts on the bass, and yet you can't see a thing.

Conclusion: I've spent most of the week at work listening to live Zep performances on youtube, including How The West Was Won, In My Time Of Dying, A 1969 Danish TV show session, and the amazing Since I've Been Loving You (since our son got me hooked on that and helped me process the fact that it is eventually not "Tea For One." It's from an album I rarely listen to).

My other weekend highlight was a run Sunday night that was the fastest I've done in years. 9:13 miles over 5 miles—whoo! I think some of the speed came from lengthening my stride, because my legs hurt for days afterward, in the same way they do when I visit Tryon Creek once a year and run where there's a lot of downhill. :O

I'm doing the mini_wrimo daily writing challenge this month, and of course, it's NaNo time. How many of you are working on some sort of November writing challenge?

Well, the weekend is coming soon, and at the moment I feel like I'm getting farther behind on everything—and we aren't even in the Christmas season yet. Halp!

Tags: hsh, me, movies, music, running
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