The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

I do not think that word means what you think it means...

I saw a car yesterday with a decal across its rear window, made up of flowers, curlicues, and a dragonfly adorning the word Sassenach Now, I realize that word means "English person" in Scottish Gaelic, but there are a lot of pejorative connotations associated with it—as with the Irish Gaelic version of it, and the Welsh version (saesneg). That's not something you'd call yourself. It'd be kind of like putting up a decal that says "Asshole" and festooning that. \o?

I'm back to assembling and putting away my son's LEGOs to sell. I'm trying to complete and hopefully sell as many sets at Amazon as possible before the holiday box-out occurs on November 1. I'm done with Star Wars, and have moved into the Castle/Kingdom sets and the LOTR sets. My son actually played with those as action sets, and I can't help noticing that both of the women from the Medieval Market are holding daggers. Were they borrowed to be Eowyn and other LOTR women? Or was there a raid on the Medieval Village and they had to help defend it?

Music: For the Shostakovich Piano Concerto No.2, I went with a performance by the Hobbit (Samwise). I've been listening to the Khachaturian Piano Concerto, this week. So many performances I don't like, right from the first movement. I'd prefer something less poinky in the piano line—more Rachmaninoff than Bartok. I was initially distracted by the soloist's bling, but this performance is pretty good, and the artist clearly loves the piece. The Mindru Katz version is also very good, though the weird instrument in the second movement (the flexatone) is perhaps too loud. I played this piece when I was a violinist in the Peoria Symphony, and while I remember the first movement... you'd think those skittery high-pitched violin trills in the second movement would be unforgettable, too. Nope. I have no memory of ever playing that, to the point where I didn't recognize what the sound was without watching the video! Those trills sound kind of like frozen winter leaves jangling together. Eerie, and a little bit sad. Will I go with the bling-meister? Or the Katz? Decisions, decisions...

Tomrrow is Friday! It's been a very long week, with a lot of staying late and IM-ing engineers in other geographies to solve problems. Ugh. Any weekend plans?

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