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Movies, movies

I'm eating too much, playing too much Spider Solitaire, and missing our daughter. Definitely in a funk. :(

I haven't been able to do much writing, lately. I've started but not finished several Battle Creek fics (for which there is no audience on LJ!), and some original fic stabs at various writerverse prompts that just won't go anywhere. The recent prompts have really stymied me, and ones I know I want to do (like the fairytale one) do not come to fruition. Words, where are you hiding?

HalfshellHusband and I went out on a date last weekend and saw The Intern, which we both really liked. Hey, there is nothing wrong with nice movies about nice people, so long as they are entertaining. I do think that if anyone had ever told Robert DeNiro that he'd wind up being adorable at some point in his career, he'd have said, "Yeah? You're fuckin' nuts." Nonetheless... :)

We saw Birdman courtesy of Netflix, which I thought was okay but hugely overrated. This is one of the issues with the Oscars—people in Hollywood love movies about 'themselves,' far more than regular audiences do. It was kind of a meta-fest, but not an especially good one. Meh.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior finally, finally became available on Netflix, so we watched it with our son. I've seen it once, maybe twice before. All I really remembered was the style, and Mel Gibson (back before he was hateful), and the whacky guy with the helicopter thingy. My son enjoyed it a lot, though he also commented that Mad Max: Fury Road was basically the last half hour of Road Warrior stretched out into its own movie. He was not wrong. It must be the engineer in me that loves that hacked-together crap cars in those movies. They are awesome!

TV-wise, The Blacklist is back. I'm not sure I like where the plot is going this season, but I still get a huge kick out of Red. Damn, but he's fun. For Z Nation, argh. I may be reaching the point where the grossness outweighs my enjoyment of the rest of the show (I hate grossness), though Murphy is still oddly intriguing, and I still love Doc, and the sweet sniper kid (I forget his name), and Citizen Z, and Warren (really, that's her name? That's a sucky name for such a neat character). This is also why I'm years behind on The Walking Dead.

Before I get back to work, I need to share this vid of this weird little girl and her even weirder sister, courtesy of peterb. It's... kind of surreal, really, and the person editing it definitely knows it!

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