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05 October 2015 @ 12:11 am
Still adjusting...  
Boy, it is really hard to shake the funk I've been in since our daughter went off to college. My husband's feeling it, too. Our daughter, OTOH, is having a marvelous time.

Something she'd been watching before she left was this cute pet penguin story. Awwww... Of a similar vein, there is this penguin chasing a butterfly video, which is mesmerizing.

Speaking of things watched... we're not sure yet how we feel about Minority Report or Blindspot (the fact that I can never remember the name of that second show is a bad sign), but we're definitely enjoying Limitless. I wasn't even sure I wanted to watch that, because we've seen the movie! Plus, it seemed as if there was the potential for a lot of smugness, which... meh. But what's really winning us over (besides the supporting cast) is the snarky humor. I have to stop multitasking when that show is on, so I can fully absorb the fun of things like the You're fired! song. :D

Still binge-watching Fringe with our son. We're in S3 now, [Spoiler (click to open)]and how are people not more suspicious of Fauxlivia? Her personality is totally different, not to mention the way she talks, the major increase in eye makeup, and—as my son pointed out—that she undoes one more button on her shirts. (I kidded him about noticing that, as a teenaged boy, but his response was, "The regular Olivia isn't sexualized. She dresses for comfort, not attention." You know, he complains about all the "Tumblerinas" at school, who are alienating him with their politics, but he's clearly listened to some of them. He explained that better than I would have).Universe One Olivia will always be my favorite. Her pain makes her so compassionate.

Now, for the utterly random: I was wondering a few weeks back what it would sound like if a Scot were to say "Six sexy saxophones"—because of the migrating vowels in the dialect. I knew what the first two would be, but I've never heard a Scot say "saxophone." An Irish friend posits that it might have a very long 'o' at the end, so... "Sex saxy soxophones" is what I'm guessing? I'd still like to hear it, of course.

Hey, where would life be without those random questions?

So, good weekend? We had rain, thunder and lighting last night, with the thunder so loud it rattled the windows...

The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: Halloweenhalfshellvenus on October 5th, 2015 05:07 pm (UTC)
A cyclone of scorpions? Really? Given their habitat, a scirocco would make more sense to me. Though I will always think of them as a "nest," because they're kind of nasty (bugs!) and a group of them is definitely trouble!

The Blue Angels or some other military precision-flying group was putting on an airshow over the weekend, and practicing now and then. It took me awhile on Saturday night to decide if they were nightflying or that was actually a storm. The rain clinched it.

Either way, the cat was highly alarmed. :O