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What I Wrote In July (& early August)

It was an SPN-heavy period, mainly due to challenges. I had Oregon and Montana for the spn_50states challenge, and "Shadows" for the super_summer challenge. All due no later than August 2nd. Ack! But the results were good.

So, by fandom and type...

Supernatural Gen
Unbreakable (PG)-- How Sam sees Dean, and how Dean sees himself.
Down That Lonesome Road (PG)-- Sam's four years at college, and the void left behind.
Impasse (PG)-- Post-"Shadows" for super_summer. Sam and Dean struggle for balance on conflicting sides.
Restless Spirits (PG)-- Banter and moments of truth for spn_50states (Oregon)
The Overshadowed Truth (PG)--post-"Shadows" for super_summer. 3 POVs on failure and escape.
And Never Back Down (PG)-- John's POV, drabble on "fireworks."
Victory With A Side Of Fries (PG)-- CrackFic dialogue-only drabble.
If Fangirls Ran Supernatural(PG)-- Whacky wishes from all corners of the fandom.

Supernatural Slash
Field Research (NC-17, Wincest)-- Car Porn. ;)
Lost In The Sea Of Sky (PG-13, Wincest)-- Amnesia-Fic in 3 chapters, for spn_50states (Montana)
In Anger And Defeat (R, Dark-ish, Wincest)-- Post-"Shadows" for super_summer. Heartbreak and defiance.

Prison Break Gen
Spare Me The Details (PG-13, Humor)-- Michael vs. TMI.

Prison Break Slash
Bound By Love (R)-- Lincoln/Michael, assy!Lincoln & underage warnings: Manipulating, winning, and getting lost in the game.
A New Beginning (R)-- RiverSex, follows "Riding Out The Storm" in Lincoln/Michael post escape.

Lack Of Information (PG-13)-- "24"-based CrackFic for 60_minute_fics
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