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Work contines to be stressful. We're always doing too many things at once, shifting directions and priorities rapidly (which leads to thrashing), and right now I've got investigation and documents due on a sudden emergency project where the deadline is simply too soon to realistically get those things done. Plus three meetings and a team event tomorrow, and then starting Tuesday of next week I'm driving my daughter to college. Whatever isn't done by Monday night... will make people very unhappy.

I can feel my adrenaline levels rising. :(

The 3-day weekend was nice, with some relaxing, some cleaning up, and a few more Lego sets verified and packed away. And SO many more to go. But still, progress.

Our daughter went on a road-trip with a friend last weekend, just three days after having wisdom teeth removed. Her face was still swollen (right up to the one-week point), and she ran out of painkillers. These things are learning experiences, though, about planning and timing. She's doing better now, but has more pain than we expected. Better not be some kind of complication, as that will get difficult to deal with when she lives 9 hours away from her dentist!

We just finished Wayward Pines tonight, which had kind of a WTF ending. Feels like a setup for a second season. We're slowly working through Mr. Robot, where there have been some expected AND unexpected developments. Darlene!

I've been wondering for weeks what language Tyrell and his wife were speaking. When he spoke, I'd get all the Bergman feels, so I thought probably Swedish. Then the wife would talk, and I had no idea what to think. Scandinavian? Finnish? Google gave me the answer, via alert viewers: the two are cross-communicating. The husband speaks Swedish, and the wife speaks Danish. People who knew one of those languages wondered why the other spouse spoke it so badly, so between the two groups they came up with the answer!

Other viewings: Into The Woods, which drove HalfshellHusband out of the room and which I kind of regret. The music was not good, and why do so many composers of modern musicals not understand the purpose of recitative? It's a requirement for opera (all parts must be sung, including random dialogue), but wholly unneeded in musicals. If you don't have a worthwhile tune, just have the characters talk. Ugh. OTOH, our son enjoyed it. \o?

After a lovely weekend in the mid-80s, we'll be at around 105o the next couple of days. when will it end? The project Saturday/Sunday highs of 94 or so will seem like a blessing in comparison. :O How did everyone else's weekend go? A last hurrah at the end of summer, or just more of the same?

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