The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Things I Never Thought I'd Hear My Teenaged Son Say...

"I have a sea shanty stuck in my head."

Thank you, League of Legends. Apparently, it's a pretty good shanty too—another thing I never thought I'd hear him say! This is probably better than one of his recent Minecraft stories: apparently, the villagers in that game don't so much talk as just say, "Hurrrr... hurrrr..." My son and his friend came back to their hut one time and found 8 or 9 villagers inside who would not leave and also would not shut up. The boys dug a hole in the floor and buried the villagers, so they wouldn't have to listen to them anymore. :O

I'm trying to plan a brief Lake Tahoe getaway before my son's school starts up, and at this late date... who knew so many cabin rental places would be these flaky arrangements where you can't just book online, but have to play email tag with the owners instead? Meanwhile, I'm getting nervous and the prices are going up. I mean, I'm looking at this coming Thursday! Argh.

Still, hoping to pull it off. Hiking for my son and me, enough water/shops/etc. for my daughter compared to the place in the mountains where we like to camp, and ideally a chance for us all to relax together and read a lot of books. :)

Or viewing entertainment has included The Avengers, which was new to me but not my husband and son. It was enjoyable, but I'd resisted it earlier because 1) Thor, 2) Loki (see #1), and 3) Comic book superheroes (in general). While I loved the Iron Man movie, and have enjoyed the various Batman movies, I mostly don't care for the comic-book superhero genre. Especially if some of them are also gods. The "ridiculousness" hurdle was pretty high for me, particularly with Loki's costume and really, Hawkeye in general. I know some people love Hawkeye, but I don't really know what he and The Black Widow are doing with that crowd at all. The Black Widow's awesomeness won me over, but those two characters don't seem to really "fit" with the enhanced-human/enhanced-armor/mutating-smashbox-human crowd. So, while I really loved the banter between Iron Man and Bruce Banner (I liked Bruce a lot more than I expected)... my original "skip it" choice was probably better suited to my tastes. No offense intended to those who get a huge kick out of all of it!

HalfshellHusband and I saw Mr. Holmes this past weekend, and let me just thank whoever gave Ian McKellan such a marvelous role at this stage in his career. :)

I also finished The Devil's Detective, started writing a Battle Creek fanfic that I didn't finish (for the fandom so small that there are no communities for it here or at Dreamwidth), rewatched another episode of that show to recapture some inspiration, floated massive "Organize the House!" thoughts that did not bear fruit, and went to the library to gather supplies for my son against the coming weekend. Not as many books as the weight of my bookbag implied, but several were "grown up" books in attempt to... slow his rate of consumption? Something.

All right, my little chickadees, time to fly!

Tags: books, humor, me, movies, my_kids, tv

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