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08 July 2015 @ 01:42 pm
Starting to feel edgy due to not bicycling since last Friday. Restless! I rode the gym bike yesterday for over an hour, and that place is so hot that my shirt was wringable afterwards. Yuck. Also, the seat-tilt is non-adjustable, so I not only feel as if I'm slowly sliding downhill, my tailbone goes numb. HOW much longer? New parts aren't due to arrive at the bike shop for a few more days as it is. *chews fist*

The day after the whole incident, bruises popped up everywhere in places that didn't even hurt! Wish I could cover them up, but it's too hot for pants or long sleeves, so they're attracting some attention at work. Most people correctly guess that falling off the bike was involved. Some of them have probably had similar injuries over the years. :O

Speaking of bruisable things, a poll:

Poll #2016394 Poll-poll, bo-boll, banana-fanna fo-foll...

How do YOU eat bananas?

Peel 'em and dive right in. They're prepackaged.
Tear off pieces, to avoid simian connotations.
Tear off pieces, to avoid sexual connotations.
Tear off pieces, or how else will I know where the banana strings are?
WTF, banana strings?
You mean those waxy things?
The really thin strings are a little softer than celery strings, but sneakier.
I almost choked on a banana string, once.
I slice bananas into a bowl and eat them with a fork. Don't judge me!
Banana! Banana!
Bapple! :D
Minions! \o/

And for my current obsession, let me point you to this outstanding Walter/Jesse Breaking Bad story:

Classless, by porkchop_sandwiches. Mostly early S3 (so watch for spoilers), hot and wry and funny and angsty and fabulous. Both characters are really well-written, in this under-canon plot that feels both possible and true. Don't worry about the first chapter, I promise you'll be safe. :)

Okay, back to work. Poking registers, reviewing code-changes, and wishing the hydra-like bug situation would just roll over and die already. Sucks to be the middleman between hardware and testers. /o\

iwouldbegood: fangirliwouldbegood on July 20th, 2015 10:24 pm (UTC)
Hi! I've seen you around, we share a few interests and LJ is so quiet nowadays that it's quite difficult to find anyone who is posting at least somewhat regularly. So I thought I'd ask if you'd like us to friend each other? :)

Also thanks for that Breaking Bad rec! I discovered that show around a year ago and rushed through it in less than three weeks and have been thinking recently of marathoning it again. It was quite a ride!
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on July 20th, 2015 11:27 pm (UTC)
Sure, please-- I've added you. :)

That was a great BB story-- I really like that author's work in other BB stories, too. There was another one that was AU with Jesse as a prostitute and Walt as having a midlife crisis instead of getting cancer and making meth, and it was one of those rare cases where the AU totally works and the characterization is still so very true. The author didn't finish the story, unfortunately, but... I regret nothing. Worth it for the chapter she did complete. :)
iwouldbegood: Alanis Helsinkiiwouldbegood on July 22nd, 2015 03:31 pm (UTC)
I added you as well! Yay :)

Life is a bit busy at the moment, but I'll bookmark your other recommendation as well. As I was marathoning Breaking Bad, I absolutely had to check what fics AO3 had to offer. I always find reading fics a great addition while watching a show I really like.