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16 June 2015 @ 12:43 pm
Keeping the heat at bay  
I was out bicycling early enough on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to keep from overheating (highs of 96-102 all three days), and Sunday I actually ran all 5 of my target miles—for the first time in a month. It'll be heating up again midweek here, but despite last week's awfulness, it has been a fairly mild spring compared to the usual.

The side-effects of losing the Whale-cat have become really evident over the last year. There are multiple squirrel families here now (one over my home office, where I hope the skittery sounds I hear on the roof are... anything but rats, really), and a lot more birds in the backyard. The Whale would be outside much of the day and all night, and his presence clearly was noted. But now? Our current kitty doesn't seem to want to go out much during the day, and is only threatening to string, rubber bands, and biteable pieces of paper.

So, last week we had a sudden influx of Northern California magpies in the backyard. These are plump, large-ish birds with pretty coloring, and they soon clustered at the top of the decorative fountain and started yakking:

Bird 1: What do you suppose this is?
Bird 2: Looks like a very small set of streams. Strange.
Bird 1: That's what I was thinking. My feet are certainly wet.
Bird 3: But what's the rest of it? These aren't rocks or pebbles. I don't know what they are...

At this point, the cat raised her head and spotted all of this going on outside. So, like any pet owner, I tried to make the situation worse:

"Look at that! It's happening right in your own yard, and what are you doing about it? Huh? They're out there stomping around like they own the place, and they're touching your stuff!"

The cat just looked aghast, which totally made that worth my while. ;)

In other news, I've finished Egg And Spoon, and have started The Lost Boys Symphony. TV-wise, we're re-watching Fringe (and I'd hoped to get my son interested, because WALTER! But he hasn't taken the bait). We're also giving Breaking Bad a chance, and wow—that pilot episode was genius. I'd ordered it via Netflix years ago, but HalfshellHusband auto-vetoed it on arrival as he was going through cancer treatments himself and just was not in the mood for that plus the show being centered around drugs.

Moviewise, we tried out Welcome To The Punch via Netflix streaming, mainly for the cast (James McAvoy, Mark Strong). Good, mindless entertainment. The visuals in the first 10 minutes are striking—great use of light and color, very clean-looking. That was one of the things I liked about the middle of John Wick, too—beautiful filmwork in an unexpected setting.

All right, back to work. Hope you've all been doing well, and have either vacationed or are looking forward to one over the summer!

cindytsuki_no_bara on June 17th, 2015 02:01 am (UTC)
i love that you pointed out all the birds to the cat with "they're TOUCHING YOUR STUFF" and the cat looked aghast. (that's such a great word.) but she didn't go out and chase the birds away....

>>(highs of 96-102 all three days)<<

holyshit. i can just about handle 80. by the time it hits 90 i'm a puddle on the sidewalk.
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on June 17th, 2015 02:56 am (UTC)
I couldn't help it. It's like having some kid grounded in his room looking outside and seeing other kids running amok in his yard, and the incoherent anger he feels is really nothing more concrete than, "They're touching my stuff!"

I so hate the heat in Sacramento, though it generally isn't terribly humid. 90 degrees with 90% humidity is awful. Oh, Peoria-- I'll never forget your evil weather. :O