The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Post- Mother'sDay

I hope those of you who could had a happy Mother's Day, either as mother or child. The kids and I layed miniature golf, and last night's dinner was red Thai curry and strawberry shortcake. Yum!

The whole weekend just flew by. I was still drinking my Saturday morning coffee when our daughter announced that none of her friends were available to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge with her, and asked me to go with her. She and her friends created an "adventure/experience" list a few years ago, and random things like this are on it. So there went Saturday! We came across intermittent traffic jams all the way to the bridge (it took more than three hours), and our daughter missed the exit so we had to cross over and make the journey from the city side. Windy, but great views. Afterward, we went to to Paxti's for pizza (that was on her list too). I'm a "thin crust" kind of person, but this was Chicago deep dish and really good. She asked me to drive home (the traffic jam on the way out of San Francisco was only half-an-hour long). That trip seemed to take forever. My right hamstring cramps up a lot these days, and I'm periodically getting a feeling on the right side that I will now (for the first time in public) call "hip rot." Stuff hurt. But the overall trip was worth it.

I also discovered that our daughter has recently switched over to the Australian Male version of Siri, and since she feels weird calling him Siri now, I renamed him Steve. Or, "Stayve," if you prefer. He does better with street names than the GPS my husband uses (of the famed "LACK-a-shore" for Lakeshore, and "Ter-will-A-zher" for Terwilliger). Teh pronunciation of "Bay" as "Beh" was kind of confusing, though.

I got no chores or much of anything else done this weekend, which was kind of nice. The main difficulty is that work is so tiring nowadays that the weekends already seem too quick, and this one was over before it started.

In other random news, I still have not tackled the porch spiders. The shop vac is losing suction, so it will have to be cleaned beforehand, and that is a messy, disgusting chore that I really hate. Cobwebs and bug fragments are in there, and the phobias say, "Maybe HalfshellHusband will get to it first..."

Annnd, for those who like to keep tabs on these things, Crazy Castle Guy on I-80 is either selling his bulldozer or is offering up the most expensive woodpile ever.

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