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"Bird" Watching

I checked in on the NFL Draft results all last week, to see which of the graduating Oregon Ducks players had been picked up. Sort of like making sure they all got good homes. :)

The QB, Marcus Mariota, was the second pick—behind another quarterback, which really surprises me. Versatile, strong, fast. What more did people want? But maybe it was serendipitous. During the 2014 season, Tennessee Titans' fans were running a "Suck for the Duck" campaign and rooting for their team to continuing playing badly enough to get the top first-round draft-pick so they could draft Mariota. They got the second pick, but they DID get Mariota. He definitely knows they wanted him. :O

Defensive Lineman Arik Armstead was picked in Round 1 (higher than anyone anticipated) by the 49ers, with much celebration around here as he's a "local" boy. The left Offensive Tackle, Jake Fisher, was chosen in Round 2. Interestingly enough, a mid-season injury probably improved his draft chances. While he was out for two games, Mariota got sacked 7 and 5 times, and as soon as he returned, Oregon's offense was back on track. Talk about a clear demonstration of value! Finally, an offensive lineman who is NOT an "unsung hero."

Oregon's center was picked in the third round, and cornerback Ifo Ekpre-Olomu in the 7th. SEVENTH. He was injured in a practice game late in the season, but was also considered the #1 CB in the NCAA. So... huh?

I wish them all luck, and the four other guys who signed as free agents. That was one talented graduating class!

Other news: I went in search of a couple of Valerie Wellington songs yesterday, and discovered that she had died back in in 1993 from a cerebral aneurysm. What a shock. She had a glorious blues voice, and the two tracks I was looking for aren't available as singles from Amazon: Cold, Cold Feeling and Smokestack Lightning. The first, you can hear on youtube.. Gives me the shivers. Haven't found the second, and who knows what's on iTunes since you have to download it to search the Apple store. I hate Apple. So sad that she was gone so soon. She was really something. ♥

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