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First, let me get my Grimm rants off my chest.

I loved early Season 1, with Nick and Munroe chasing baddies and Munroe snarking and Nick discovering that Wessen (I refuse to spell that as the show does) are not automatically bad. But while I like Hank, Nick and Munroe working together just had more spark than Nick and Hank. Over time, Munroe has been all but 'defanged' and pushed to the background (and while I like Rosalee, Munrosalee as Scooby-Gang backup and little else is a total snooze). Wu continues to be awesome (SO awesome), Captain Reynard is all kinds of hot and mysterious, but Juliet is beyond annoying, Adelin has always bugged me (and the entire Royals subplot is HUGELY boring to me), and Hank is still no more interesting than he ever was. Looking back, I think the Nick&Munroe was a detour caused by Russell Hornsby breaking his leg, but the thing is... that just worked a whole lot better. I can't help missing it. :(

Okay, I'm done. On to work overload, writing the drabbles from last week, and a quick mention of Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs: 2, which we watched last weekend. The plot is kind of mundane, but the surprise!Food-creatures in it? Fabulous! Flamangos! Hippotatos! Melephants! The art team on that must have had a lot of fun. :D

I've mentioned our cat, Jinx, whom we've had for a year and a half now. We got her when she was four, and she's more trustful (less hissing and biting, and I've never had a cat who did either). She's still very Jekyll and Hyde, either sweet or randomly infuriated. :O She's calmer and less irritable than when we got her, though, so I'm hoping that continues to improve.

She is by far the most playful adult cat we've ever had. This usually wears off as cats get older, but she still plays with her own tail (if she can't persuade our son to play with her) and really likes human+toy games. She has her own weird little rituals, too:

Tail-ambushing: She sits up for a moment, gently paw-paw-paws the floor in front of her, and goes into waiting mode. Then she'll whirl and pounce on her tail. Wait... pounce! Wait... pounce! Her tail is too short (and she's too wide) to chase it, so this is all "ka-THUMP!" *pause* "ka-THUMP!" when she's doing it. The floor-pawing is the strangest part. What is that all about?

Human+Toys: She will leave the sofa and get down on the floor to iniatiate this, unless she's already on the floor. Ether way, spotting our son is what puts her in "Must play now!" mode. Once she's sure he'll play with her, she stretches baaack, then forwaaaaard, and then flops over onto her side and waits. Stringy things are fun (both paws flailing, little pink mouth-of-doom biting the air), or milk-jug-rings/bandaid-wrapper-bowties. She is big through the middle (sadly, probably not chubbiness, but there's nothing we can do about it). Our son likes to wave the toy at her, and then drop it behind her neck. She turns over to grab at it... but her bottom half arrives from its own timezone, about 3-5 seconds later. This is endlessly amusing to all the humans in the house. ;)

Our other cats played with strings/pencils on their own (they were happy to play with us, but they didn't initiate it). I guess this is one of the upsides to an animal with a more demanding personality? Though when she starts the play "moves" and our son has to go to bed, he sometimes tries to placate her with her catnip bat. I tell him this is like babysitting a toddler with television. ;)

Argh, I guess I'd better get back to work. But at least I'll be thinking about fat little black kitties while I do it. \o?

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