The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Tom Hanks times a gazillion...

Watching Cloud Atlas, no idea why. The cast? The fading hope that it might eventually make sense? Argh, now we've gone into narrative pontification. I suppose that was inevitable...

Our daughter is off checking out a prospective college, probably the one she'll wind up going to. She didn't get admitted to UCLA or Cal, which was really disappointing. Terrific grades and extracurriculars, and good SAT scores, but it wasn't enough. She got admitted to places she either didn't want to go or we couldn't afford, so we're hoping she gets excited about UC San Diego. *fingers crossed*

We had a nice day alone with her went we went to the Oregon Coast on Monday. She was relieved not to have to deal with her brother's incessant talking, and said that she can't even have a conversation with him anymore without him rolling out one of his catch-phrases, like "Jet fuel can't melt steeeeel..." I wish I could say she doesn't have a point. Boy, it'll be tough when she goes off to college, and her brother will be leaving only two years afterward.

(Geez, this movie's still going, and it still seems like puffed-up, pretentious B.S. The only good parts so far have been Jim Broadbent, Keith David, and the whole dystopic beauty of "New Seoul." Oh, and now everyone's being murdered. Yay... \o?)

Good bike ride today, and another planned for tomorrow. I bought tomato plants, but didn't get a chance to put them in the ground. Instead, I snapped and broke dead shrubs lying in the garden area. HalfshellHusband made three different piles of those things that never got cleaned up, so I guess they're on my to-do list now. At least the shrubs and cuttings are brittle, so I can pulverize the smaller pieces.

Possibly coloring Easter eggs tomorrow? Hey, why not wait until the last minute?

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