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LJ Idol Season 9 Stories

LJ Idol Season 9

Original Fiction Entries:

Week Prompt Story
2 The Missing Stair Escalations
4* Nobody can ride your back... Greensboro Woolworth's, 1960
5 Build a better mousetrap Don't Try This At Home
6 Step on a crack Family Superstitions
7 No true Scotsman The Repository
8* Yes, and An Adventure Of "Yes"
10 If you have come here to help me Infernal Impediments
12 Barrel of monkeys F.U.N.
13 Open topic Nerea
14 Confessions from the chair Civic Obligations
15 Chekhov's gun The Certainty Of Thorns
16* A Terrible beauty has been born If Mortal Breath Could But Awaken
17* Scare quotes Gianni The Enforcer
18 Disinformation Remembering What To Forget (S.A.T.E.D. universe)
20 Intersubjectivity In These Our Cages
22* Sweep the leg Behind The Walls
24 The Cupertino Effect The Metrics of Hell
25* Overlook Transparency
26* Crabs in a barrel Apple Don't Fall
27* Open topic Crossing Over
30 Critical Hit Not With A Bang...
31* The future outwits all our certitudes Wish You Were Here
32, #1 Captcha the flag In Enemy Territory
33, quick Fire Open Topic Closer
33 Musth Rampage
34, quick Fire* Open Topic Johnny Got Gone
34 Lost the plot Tales Half Told
35, quick fire Open topic Once
35 Men and melons are hard to know Lethe
36, quick fire Open topic The Matchmaker
36 Tiles A Distant Land
37* (Home Game) Shibusa Moon Garden
40 (Home Game) Wolf Ticket Red

Non-Fiction Entries:

Week Prompt Story
0 Introduction Step Right Up
1 Jayus Tell Me No Stories
3 In Another Castle On The Move
9 Keep Calm And End This Meme Net-Assisted Navel-Gazing
19 Kindling Sideways Inspiration
29 Gauntlet Without A Doubt
32, #2* The bystander effect On The Periphery

My own favorites among these are marked with '*'. This was a long, LOONNNNGggg season.

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