The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
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Idol updates and more

I got voted off of Idol Island on Monday, after 11 months of play. Wow. My goal was to make it to the Top 10 again, and I was both 10th and 11th, since a player was added back for the next round, in a wonderful stroke of good fortune. So, I'm going to call it 10.5th place? Regardless, thanks for your support all of these many, many, MANY weeks, and I hope you've enjoyed some of the stories along the way. It was a good season, and the remaining players are really good. Keep reading, there are more stories to come!

With the new freedom, I still got to bed at 1am last night because I was working on my Home Game entry for this week. \o? Old habits die hard. :D

Other news: yesterday's bike ride was a Murphy's Law event, particularly the one regarding rear tires. If you find yourself looking at a tire and wondering if the tread is wearing kind of thin... chances are, in your next bike ride, you will get a flat. Then you'll need to fix the flat, and then change the whole damn tire later anyway! I got a little luckier—mine was at the end of a ride, a mile from the office, and I noticed that things seemed kind of bumpy. Really bumpy. Unnaturally bu—OMG, the back tire is going! I was able to finish the ride by leaning wayyy forward so as to slow the flattening down. Then I took the whole wheel home to work on last night, conveniently forgetting my favorite set of tire irons. Perhaps this was just as well? I broke one of irons in the home set, trying to get the #!$%@@! overly tight new tire on the rim.

Today's ride was uneventful, thank goodness. I surprised a snowy egret in a drainage ditch, who took off flying as I approached. Last week, there was a blue heron in one of those, right next to the road! That's the closest I've ever seen one. Also some geese standing around in a flooded rice-field on that same ride, yammering at each other. As they do.

The kidlets are starting their various fake-law competitions this week. Sadly, the Moot Court and Mock Trial competition rounds now overlap! They used to be about a month apart. That will make it harder for us to see both kids in action, since our daughter is doing Mock Trial and our son Moot Court. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of them...

Dang, only Wednesday. Thank goodness a 3-day weekend is coming up!

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