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Actual yay!

Thanks to superpowers awarded to kickthehobbit, this season's Spirit of Idol, lrig_rorrim is back in the game! That's the kind of miracle I was hoping for earlier this week, but it came in an unexpected form. SO much yay!

In and around work, I wrote my own Idol entry for this week. The mid-work-week ones are really hard because there's so little time to write and to even _think_ (plus, I get sleep-deprived and crave sugar like blazes0. I went back and forth on approaches here, and the final product represents my earlier attempt but with a different direction. More spiriritual, less 'weird', which I think works better. That means the story of Izzy and Pete will never be told, OTOH, but maybe that's just as well? \o?

We finally watched the finale of White Collar this week. So many mixed feelings. Having the whole season emphasize one big heist was kind of a snoozefest (not big on heists), and I'm not sure I like the ending. I don't hate it, though, so that's something. The final episode's most dramatic scene didn't work for me at all—it was awkward and offputting—and I wonder if other people had the same reaction? It felt cringeworthy.

We're mid-storm here today. Last night, winds were pretty strong and I could hear the tarp on the roof next door flapping and rippling so hard I wondered if it would stay down. We need the rain, but it makes it harder to advance on the ongoing yard cleanup. When you cut back dead parts of plants, you can usually put on leather gloves and crush the sticks and twigs like a caveman. But when they get soggy, you have to clip them until your hand cramps. Meh. :(

It's been a hard getting anything done at work lately. I spent most of yesterday getting my current project hardware upgraded. It refused to download new stuff, against all logic, and our ROM guy had to burn the logic directly onto the boards. This is par for the course, for me. I've only been able to SW-program the ROM on that hardware in the entire time I've owned it (and now have a new module, in case the other one was buggy). This kind of thing dates back to Jr. High chemistry class. A lab experiment on copper turned our sample into a purple-black mess, despite my partner and I following the directions to a paranoid degreee. The sample was probably carbon-contaminated, so the instructor didn't dock our grades. Later that year, my supercooling experiment (which is really neat) definitely supercooled... but never went back up to room temperature. Even hours later! Probably a broken thermometer, but still. :O

In my current profession, if HW or SW ever does something wacky that "isn't supposed to happen," it typically does it to me. The debugger that won't stop on breakpoints, the randomly exploding capicator, etc. I try to be a nice person, and I don't really believe in Karma. This feels more like my personal nexus of Murphy's Law. For other people, maybe it's wardrobe malfunctions and such, or kitchen disasters. Still, definitely a time-waster!

Well, time to tidy up before one of my son's school project groups descends on the house for filming purposes. When I stopped at Walgreen's for emergency chocolate the other day (after getting into the pre-bought Valentine's stash), I realized I'd completely forgotten to buy strawberry creme hearts—my son's favorite. Which Walgreen's always runs out of. So, I'll go out shopping while the boys are here. Will it include an overdue purchase of tennis shoes at Big 5, where there is never enough staffing in the shoe department? I'll need fortitude for that. And possibly more chocolate...

Construction guys next door: do you think you could kill that house more quietly? :O

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