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The Arrangement, Chapter 9: After The Riot

Author: HalfshellVenus
Category: Lincoln/Michael Incest/slash.
Rating: R (for subject matter)
Spoilers: Episode 1x07
Summary: Solace

x-x-x-x-x Chapter 9: After the Riot x-x-x-x-x

The C.O. was dead.

That thought hung in the air as Michael balled himself up in Lincoln’s lap and cried. He had caused it, by starting the riot, and he could never undo it.

Lincoln rubbed his back softly, and let him cry. He felt this burden too, but now was not the time to add to Michael’s grief.

When the tears slowed down and the trembling stopped, he lifted Michael’s face up to look at him. Wiping the tears off with his hand, he kissed his forehead and eyelids, and cradled Michael’s head against his own.

After a few minutes, Michael raised his head and gazed at Lincoln quietly. His eyes wandered down Lincoln’s face, and he finally took a really good look at him. “What—what the hell happened to your neck?” he gasped.

“Someone was waiting for me,” Lincoln said, “After I woke up from that fight with T-Bag’s bunch.”

“Who? Why?” Michael asked.

“Who was Turk—at least, he was the inside man on it. I never did find out who was behind it. And I have no idea why.” Lincoln took a deep breath. “You know, let’s not worry about this now. It’s been a long day, and I just don’t have it in me to launch an investigation right now.”

Michael’s eyes looked haunted, but he just nodded. He could find something out later, he was pretty sure, by working his system. But no need to drag Lincoln down into it right this second.

Lincoln pulled Michael back against his chest. “You know,” he murmured into his ear, “We have some time here before the guards get things under control and someone comes looking for me. Why waste it?”

Michael looked at him, intrigued and incredulous all at once. “Sucre is right up on that top bunk,” he hissed back.

“Ask me if I care,” Lincoln said, and he leaned into Michael’s mouth. He kissed him softly again and again, gently caressing Michael’s lips with his tongue. His arms came around Michael more tightly now, as he slowly sank down sideways on the bunk, taking Michael with him.

Michael gave up his protests instantly. God, it felt so good to lie here against Lincoln and just enjoy this without rushing. The tantalizing feeling of his mouth, the stroking of his tongue against Michael’s and his hands over Michael’s ass… Michael groaned into Lincoln’s mouth, turning his head sideways to deepen the kiss. The hands pressed him tighter into Lincoln’s hip, and Michael gasped as his hardness ground against Lincoln a little. Fuck Sucre. This was too good to pass up. His hands roamed over Lincoln’s muscled shoulders as he drank in the sensations of kissing and rubbing and touching.

“Well, well, well,” came Bellick’s voice through the doorway. Michael jerked back in shock. “What do we have here? Burrows, what are you doing in A-wing?”

“There was a problem, when the riot broke out. Figured I’d be okay here for the time being,” Lincoln said.

“Oh, I’d say you look more than just okay right now. Scofield, what do you have to say for yourself?” Bellick asked.

Michael just looked down, not meeting Bellick’s eyes.

“Well, you’d better come along now Burrows. We’ve got to get you back in your cell.”

“Actually… would you mind coming back a little later?” Lincoln asked.

Bellick’s eyes nearly popped, and Lincoln backtracked rapidly. “I mean, could I just stay awhile longer until you get everything settled down and all the A-wing prisoners back in their cells?”

Bellick gave a little half smile. “Burrows, are you seriously asking me to let you stay here and have some quality time with your Boy Toy for awhile?” he asked.

Lincoln laughed a little. “Well, yeah… I guess I am. How about it?” He looked at Bellick.

“All right,” Bellick said, shaking his head. “Don’t say I never did anything for you. We’ll be back around in a bit. You boys have fun.”

“Thanks,” Lincoln said. Michael turned to stare at him as Bellick continued on down the cell block.

“I can’t believe you actually did that!” he said.

“Well,” said Lincoln, “Sometimes it pays to just ask for what you want.”

“Speaking of what’s unbelievable,” Sucre called out from the top bunk, “Do you guys seriously think I want you going at it while I’m stuck up here in the same cell?”

“Uh,” Michael began. He stood up and looked over the edge of Sucre’s bed. “About that. I wouldn’t normally ask something like this, but… do you have some music headphones you could put on for awhile?”

“You’re shitting me,” Sucre said.

Michael shifted uncomfortably. God, was this ever awkward. “No, I’m really not. Could you do this as a favor, just this once?”

Sucre let out a deep breath, and rolled his eyes up to the ceiling. “All right,” he said finally. He pulled out his headphones, and turned the volume on high. “You want some lube too?” he joked.

“Well… yeah, that’d be great,” Michael stammered.

“I was kidding, man!” Sucre shook his head, and tossed him his Vaseline supply anyway. He put the headphones on, and waved Michael away.

Michael eased back onto the lower bunk, where Lincoln was staring at him with his mouth open. “What?” Michael said. “I just asked for what I wanted.”

What do you know, Lincoln thought. Michael had actually listened to him for a change. Lincoln smiled in disbelief. He took a moment to remove his bloodied shirt, then reached out and pulled Michael back onto the bed, running his fingers down the back of Michael’s head and just reveling in the feel of him.

Michael leaned down to kiss him again, working back to where they’d left off. He sucked and nibbled at Lincoln’s lips, sinking into him once again and kissing him deeper and deeper as his breathing quickened.

Lincoln grasped his arms, and gently rolled them over so that Michael was now on the bottom. He straddled Michael’s lap, running his hands over Michael’s face as he kissed him, and he smiled as he felt Michael’s arms come up around his neck. Pulling back, he lifted Michael’s shirt up from the bottom, and kissed his way along that taut stomach. He drew his tongue up the tattoo along the demon’s flank, and stopped to lick and nip at the nipple above it while his hands wandered over Michael’s body. He could feel the trembling under his fingers, and moved up to Michael’s neck, licking and sucking the most sensitive areas.

“Lincoln!” Michael gasped, and he tried to thrust up against him. Lincoln devoured Michael’s right earlobe. “God, Lincoln, would you just fuck me already?” Michael asked, squirming underneath him.

“Are you sure you’re ready for that?” Lincoln whispered. “Do you know what you’re getting into?”

“No, but I don’t care. I want it. With you,” Michael panted. “Now.”

Lincoln’s pants got impossibly tight at the sound in Michael’s voice, and he kissed Michael again and began struggling with his clothes. He got Michael’s pants off in record time, and shed his own even faster, settling down against Michael’s groin, skin to skin. Michael nearly jumped up off the bed at the sudden sensation of Lincoln naked against him. His legs spread to come around him, and his arms pulled Lincoln closer. Lincoln opened the lube, and began preparing Michael gently. “Last chance to bail out,” he said, but Michael only groaned and twisted underneath him. “What the hell is taking so long?” he gritted out, and it was so unlike Michael that Lincoln just laughed quietly.

He proceeded carefully, and then they were locked together, moving in rhythm with each other. Michael’s kisses were so passionate, so real. The look on his face, as he gazed at Lincoln with such openness and trust, made Lincoln’s heart clench. He moved to grasp Michael between them, and Michael’s sudden whimpering pushed him over the edge. He groaned, coming deep inside him, and Michael’s head lifted back in his own shuddering release. He pulled Lincoln down for another searing kiss, and then just held him, happiness flowing out of him and surrounding them both.

This was luxury. Lying here against Michael, half-dazed and spent with pleasure. Lincoln’s hand rubbed over Michael’s shoulder gently.

Up in the top bunk, Sucre was rock hard and really pissed off at himself for giving that lube away, not that he’d expected to need it. He never thought listening to other men having sex would turn him on, but it didn’t really seem to matter who was doing the moaning when it sounded like that. The headphones could only cover up so much. Damn, he thought. There wasn’t much he could do about it, with both of them awake down there, so he rolled over on his stomach and thought about sewers and deserts and waiting in line at the bank.

Michael nuzzled his head against Lincoln, an unbreakable smile on his face, and just enjoyed the moment. They would put their clothes on soon enough, and wait for the guards to come pick up Lincoln. But for now…this was enough.

-------- fin --------

(the follow-on series, Always, begins here

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