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So, I survived the last Idol round, but my friend did not. I'm trying to keep quiet about my feelings on that, but I was really hoping she'd get immunity, or there would be a tie. The boxing-in situation happened because of the desire to get to a Top 10, and we're at Top 11 instead for other reasons. I wish we'd just done a straight 3-person elimination this last round, but I don't make the rules. For all I know, the master of ceremonies is thinking the same thing, given that we're in a Top 11 situation now.

Sorry to keep banging on so much about Idol—it's that time in the competition. This week's challenge (due tomorrow) is "Tiles," and I'm worried that the entry I started writing won't be sufficient. Ideas, anyone?

In other news... I have Bladerunner on the brain these days. I got our DVD copy out during Xmas break, thinking we'd watch it as a family. I think of it as an important piece of pop culture, though I'll bet my daughter would "Eh...", and bail out of seeing it. Hence, we still haven't watched it. But, in the meantime... our library had Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? on the shelf, so I checked it out. My son has already read it. I'm still near the beginning. Now I understand the reason for all of the seemingly-random animal-harm/cruelty questions in the movie. Probably could have used a little more of the original context there. The final connection: Wired's November flowchart (not available online to link, damn it!), which details methods for telling a human from an AI/robot, has a "meta" choice for "How are you at Jeopardy?", and I mentally mangled the flow. I went down what I thought was a connecting path (with "What are you talking about?", which seemed a valid response to "meta"). The next box afterward was, "It's baking in the sun, and you're not doing anything to help it." Even out of context, I knew exactly what that was! Oh, Leon... this is how they get you.

Well, I need to get back to work and then head home, but in the meantime, have an actual WIRED flowchart on whether or not to delete that Tweet!

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