The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Monday is looming again already...

Weekends are just too short! Especially when the workweek seems so long. :(

So, last Thursday I was running on about 6 hours of sleep after staying up late to finish the first draft of my Idol entry. On Wednesday night, I was working on a different approach until about 10:30pm, when I decided it was not going to fly, and instead I wrote one that had come to me earlier in the day. Finished the first draft around 1:30am.

Thursday was polishing and work, and a surprise meeting late in the afternoon which meant I did not bike. :( I worked from home on Friday and rode then, on the bike path. The only odor hazards there were a pocket of skunk-smell (this always worries me: 1) Where is that skunk now? 2) Is it a rabid fumenator that comes out in daylight?), and the bank of salmon rot at the hairpin turn. Since November. Saturday I ran, and that was my fastest 5 miles since upping my distance- 48:00. I'm not a fast runner, so breaking a 10-minute mile is a big deal for me. I really like that distance, though—the whole, large middle is just a going-forever kind of experience.

Today was biking and then yard-pruning through the gloaming and into the moonlight before I gave up. Then dinner, and trying to get caught up on my f-list. January 26th right now...

The Idol voting is still going on. One of the other Redemption Tribe members got the quick-round immunity, so I'm neck-and-neck with the other contestant in the voting. A tie would really be awesome, but not very likely. :O

One of this week's Idol entries had "Wub wub wub" in it, which made me think of the dearly-departed Whale. The Whale was a little chubby most of his life, and sometimes I would softly dribble his fat tummy and say, "Lorba-lorba-lorba." My son caught me once, and said, "I do the same thing! Except it's wubba wubba wubba." I still find it funny that both of us thought A) blubber-dribbling needed to happen, and B) sound effects were required. :D

Did anyone watch that BunDucksLiga video I linked the other day? Oh, Paderborn, such a disappointment. The lederhosen duck cracks me up, and all the participants seem to be displayed here, though you can't see all the costume detail.

All right, it's bedtime. I guess I'd better check to see if I have that online morning meeting again tomorrow, the issue that Will Not Die... :O

Tags: cycling, humor, my_cats, running

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