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Just the facts, ma'am...

The Idol vote earlier this week turned out weird. Because of the monkey-wrench factor of a couple of immunities, I wound up in a three-way bakeoff with two of my friends. :( There is a very off-chance that all three of us could survive, if two of us get immunity this week. I'm only eligible for Quick Fire immunity (still no word on the judges' voting), and the other two are eligible for both. Keeping my fingers double-crossed. My entry for the current round is here. *angsts*

Remember Monday's smelly bike ride? When I left the office on Tuesday night, the wind was blowing from the dump again. I dug up some Vicks vapo-rub to put under my nose before Wednesday's ride (yes, like a morgue attendant). The only stuff at the office would have been Icy Hot, and I know better. Did I ever tell this story before? I went biking at lunchtime one day, and the winter wind really wore out my knees, so when I got back I took a hot shower (to warm up again) and rubbed Icy Hot on my knees. Then I put my pants on. Holy mother of God! That stuff burned like blazes. Apparently, using Icy Hot on really warm skin is a bad idea, and covering it up is ALSO a bad idea. To add insult to injury, I went to talk to a coworker afterward who said, "What smells? Have you got a chest cold or something?"

Video amusements:

First, a highly-choreographed piece of weirdness you may already have seen, called Shia Surprise. This is even weirder if, like me, your mental image of the actor is frozen in his early twenties. Also, I can't reconcile the way he pronounces his name. It will forever be Shee-ya La-BOOF to me, especially as his last name is exactly 'beouf.'

Second, from my daughter who watches Bayern-Munich soccer, the BunDucksLiga qualifying round of... something! The earnest color-commentary is perfection. \o/

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