The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Ow, my back...

It's hard to believe it's the weekend again, and that it's already half over. The week was a blur, with too much going on at the office (still) and trying to get my Idol entry finished during the work-week (plus writing an extra entry in a bid for immunity). I thought about a more dramatic approach to this week's topic, but the lighter entry had a coherent idea as opposed to "Let's start writing and see if this goes anywhere." The week also featured two early morning meetings, and the coming week will have one by phone every day until our problem goes away or we give up. Oy.

I normally run before work on Wednesdays, but haven't done that since before Christmas (the morning meetings have collided). I also have been running a mile farther. Thursday, I thought I'd try running near the office, which I last did a year ago-- once. The omens were not good: my GPS complained of low batteries as soon as I turned it on (after hoodwinking me with a "Charging complete" message a few weeks before), and my decision to use the accumulated podfic time as an estimate was foiled after multiple miles because ITS battery died too. This route starts out on the office back forty, and you can connect with a bike path. The path continually forks off toward housing developments, so it's hard to get distance. It also has a lot of modest ups and downs. Summary: I get tired much sooner than while running in my flat neighborhood, and I feel like a wimpopotamaus. Plus, I got lost trying to find the shortcut from the greenbelt into the property near the back of the office's acreage. It's a pie-shaped area, and it's easy to get disoriented.

But later that night, I used a map app to trace the approximate run, to check the distance. It was better than I thought. That just might encourage me to do it all over again. o_O I honestly haven't run much near the office since I got plantar fasciitis. It's hard to find enough blacktop, and concrete is hard on my feet. Running now has a lot of rigid requirements, I'm afraid. :(

Last weekend, I put away indoor Christmas (and cleaned my daughter's room, as she was out of town and I couldn't take it any more). I also gave the vacuum cleaner a 'haircut' (to remove all of my daughter's hair that was wound around the sweeper part). Ugh. Today, I finished boxing up all the outdoor Xmas lights, which is a chore. I did some pruning and more yard cleanup, which never ends. :(

We watched Good Will Hunting with the kids, thinking my daughter would like it. I'd forgotten how good that movie was, and I'm still impressed by the script. HalfshellHusband and I are about halfway through Good Enough, in which I don't much like Julia Louise Dreyfus' character, but get a kick out of James Gandolfini. Gone too soon... :(

Just now, there was some mystery drama in the backyard. I heard an animal shrieking, and a small 'thump' sound. Possibly an owl catching something? But a few minutes later, skunk stink started leaking into the house. I'll have to look tomorrow and see what might have happened. :O

The subject above tells my current state, with bedtime approaching. This feels like a repeat of last week's entry, but the sore back has the same source: yardwork and pruning. Roses are just too far below waist height. :(

Tags: movies, random, running

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