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17 December 2014 @ 10:51 pm
I can't believe this is only Wednesday...  
There was a weekend, during which I wrote my Idol entry (and did not go with horror, though I'd thought about it), did some Xmas browsing but found almost nothing, and passed on going to the library. I'll have to go this weekend, though. The library closes during part of the break and my son, by contrast, reads 3x-4x the usual number of books. :O

The ongoing rain has made my exercise schedule challenging. I came home early today to run (it was raining this morning), and tomorrow will be my second outside biking day this week. Running late in the day feels so much better, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy running when Xmas lights are out! Except for the LED-based lights, that is. More and more of our neighborhood is going over to those, and they have all the charm of the security lamps at a power station. Even the slightly yellow/orange "warm white" lights have a sickly gray cast to them. And it could be my imagination, but I think they also strobe a little, too. So depressing. Those lights are the color of dying souls. :(

I rode Sunday, and nearly got locked inside the parkway again. There are places without gates where you can always get out, but they're sometimes miles from where you expected to exit. On the plus side, I was able to ask the ranger WHY he was locking the gates so early, and it turns out that I (and many other people) think of "sunset" in the colloquial sense—i.e., when it gets dark—while the park service is enforcing... the almanac version. Winter is when it really matters. I have to say, I would not have anticipated that. At almanac-sunset, I still have 20-30 more good minutes of riding time!

We watched the premiere of The Librarians, which was fun but maybe too aggressively ensemble-ish and wacky? Plus, previews for the third episode made me think, "Uh, oh." You have to earn your crack. There were multiple seasons of Buffy before the musical, and 1 1/2 seasons of Angel before the puppet episode. Not in week 3!!!

We have a tree, which still isn't decorated because we like to let the kids do it but they have finals all week and have been swamped. None of the gifts are wrapped, the stockings aren't up, and I'm trying to prepare to be out of the office next week. Yeek. Mayhem. :(

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bleodswean: spikebleodswean on December 18th, 2014 07:54 pm (UTC)
You have to earn your crack.

*thunk* You are SO right with this sentiment. I'm impressed with how economically you just state this fact. And it's so true. We've grown impatient, haven't we?

Sounds like you're doing a lot of biking! Do you have a fender or are you just getting soaked? I used to ride to state from way down American River Drive....and it was CRAZY after the time change.

I hope you can find time this weekend to infuse your home with Christmas!
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: Xmas Penguinhalfshellvenus on December 18th, 2014 08:12 pm (UTC)
We've grown impatient, haven't we?
I kind of worry that it might be offputting to potential viewers, who are trying to get a feel for the show. Zaniness can be offputting unless you're used to the characters enough to know that it's crack!

I don't bike outside in the rain (not since college), because it's just no fun and the wet pavement/wet brakes are a scary combination. But I do bike in the garage with a trackstand, so it's dry and there's a fan, a TV, and a dvr player. Really essential in the rain, high winds, or those summer days when the heat is up to 100 by 10am. :O

I'm hoping Idol will be quieter this weekend, because there's the decorating, the wrapping (none of it done), the baking, and still some shopping. Ouch!