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29 July 2006 @ 10:56 pm
DeVour (Jensen's movie)  
I watched this on DVD tonight. Even with all the photo stills I'd seen of anguished Jensen, this was still quite different from what I'd expected.

I rented this for the prettiness, of course, and because from the stills it looks as if Jensen's performance is very genuine here.

All of that is there, inside this story about three friends who appear to get in over their heads while dabbling with something dark. What was so unexpected is the sad, moody quality of this movie, and the glimpses of tortured waking nightmares or flashbacks or foreshadowings that haunt the main character.

The ending pulls things together, though there's still an air of mystery about the what and why.

The tone of the movie was intriguing, and I liked Jensen's performance a great deal. Nothing to fault there at all-- his character was very sweet and a little on the quiet side, and that's a refreshing change.

Loved the opening credit sequence for artistry and again, mood, and the movie features several songs by "Machines Of Loving Grace" (one of my anachronistic secret weaknesses).

Debbie, if you haven't seen this one I'd recommend it. Not sure what others on my f-list would think, but I'd say a definite "yes" for Debbie.

When a movie is listed as "psychological thriller" that probably means snooze for a lot of people; for me it's either Yes! or sometimes a poorly-crafted melodramatic Miss.

Despite it being in the "Horror" section of the video store, it doesn't bill itself as a Horror flick and I'd say that it really isn't (another plus to me, as I don't like Horror films).

P.S., from a purely WTF? angle it looks as if "Jake" is wearing Dean's leather jacket through much of the movie, and as if Jake's Uncle lives in one of the cabins Sam and Dean visited last Season (I want to say "Dead In The Water," but I'm not sure). Also the lake with the long dock reminds me of "Dead In The Water" again. Worth nothing that it was all filmed on location in Vancouver (of course). :)
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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: Jensenhalfshellvenus on July 31st, 2006 06:30 am (UTC)
and we ended up watching it just on Friday there :D
This is getting freaky! My f-list has turned into a HiveMind. :0

but the people who watched it with me are not so into the pretty (well, two of them were straight men :D ) and they still enjoyed it.
The goriest part of it was the hunting scene at the beginning (I'm not a fan of hunting), and much of the rest of it was pulled away from before it became too graphic. So most of the movie really is this bizarre unravelling of what is happening, and why, and which parts of it are real.

That said there was a lot of random shouting about "but what's with the pencils" ...
I found the pencil thing fairly strange. I mean, that's the followup to killing someone that's been bothering you? What's THAT all about?

The real question is, did your straight male friends notice that Jensen was pretty? That's what we all want to know. :D