The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

"Yargh" is my personal mantra...

I'm about to get ready to go bicycling—a little later than I'd planned, but it's been slow to warm up today!

I realized last night that I have already failed the "write every day in November" challenge, unless we count frantic work-related IMs and such. I was doing great until the Idol voting window started and I had to get caught up on reading stories (those late nights of working toward a coding deadline put me behind). I completely forgot to write anything Wednesday and Thursday. :(

Perhaps if I had ANY IDEA what to write for Yuletide, I would have done better. I've checked back, and it's been two weeks since my request to get anything more on my assignment than just the fandoms. Nada. This one's going to be tough. :(

I finished The Bone Bed at the gym the other day, and I just don't like what's happened with the characters in Cornwell's ongoing series. They are all pretty unlikeable (not that any of them were cuddly to begin with). The Mary Sue character (the lesbian niece who can do everything—everything!) hasn't worked for me since she was about ten and more in the background. Kay Scarpetta herself is just so stiff and cold, and her human moments are too few and far in between. The relationship with her husband is toxic and icy and I've never found it very appealing or believable. Really, my favorite character is Marino mpw, and what does that say? The first 6-8 books were terrific, and the last 5 or so I've read are from a different universe. This is the price i pay for taking whatever "Read and Return" book shows up at the library. I've started a David Baldacci now, and based on the first one I read... my expectations are middling. Fairly entertaining, action-driven, overall okay I suppose. But can I say how much I hate it when authors withhold information from readers and say so? As in, "He made a few necessary arrangements and headed on out," where those arrangements are plot-related and should not suddenly be hidden from public view. Ugh.

All right, time to get the sunblock on and don the tights and earband and get brave...

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