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11 November 2014 @ 12:23 am
It's all a blur...  
I spent a lot of the weekend working toward a coding deadline that is today. Got the bulk of my problem solved, but some lingering details are not yet fixed—and I'm not sure why and it's almost midnight. \o?

I bicycled and Idoled, and watched the Oregon Ducks beat Utah. That game featured a horrific turnover that the Ducks used to their advantage (making up for a bad call earlier that cost them a touchdown drive). I'm really impressed with their freshman running-back, Royce Freeman, who is the king of evasive maneuvers. He frequently rolls, dodges, and wriggles his way into gaining 3-5 more yards than any other player would have done. On Saturday, he dug his heels into the turf and backpedaled the three guys trying to tackle him, resulting in another 1- to 2-yard gain instead of loss. Never seen that before! There were some worrisome player injuries (several seniors, which is bad news for their future careers), and a heartbreak moment for a player who had a touchdown in his sights on a kickoff return until someone grabbed his foot and tripped him. You could see the dejection in his posture, and how often does a guy on the Specials team get to score? I looked him up—red shirt Senior, so this is one of his last chances to pull something like that off. My daughter thought they should have put him into the offensive line as a wide-receiver to give him another shot, and I wish they had!

I'm trying to get caught up on Z Nation. Oddly interesting, though I really, really hate the gore. The zombie genre just isn't for me, and how I would love a more oblique treatment of all that stuff. :(

We watched episodes of Back To You two weekends ago, thinking that our son would get a kick out of that show. It's a typical Kelsey Grammar vehicle in which he plays a pompous ass, but we like to think of it as "featuring Fred Willard," which is the best reason to see it. Our son agreed. :D

I'm planning to take Thanksgiving week off, so maybe I can get some of the things done around the house that did not happen this weekend—or any other weekend. *fingers crossed*

Anyone traveling back to see family next week? We'll just be going a few hours away to my SIL's house. We don't drive up to Oregon for Thanksgiving anymore, but we do go at Christmas. That eight-hour (or worse) trip really takes it out of you. :O

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n3m3sis43n3m3sis43 on November 16th, 2014 12:44 am (UTC)
We're paid hourly, so we get paid extra for overtime we work. There's no time and a half, but hey. My hourly rate is decent so it's still at least semi worth it.

We have something called "product dollars" that is added on top of our hourly pay every month based on some algorithm I don't understand that somehow relates to sales. The bonus I got this month was the biggest bonus I have ever gotten in my life (although you have to understand that the majority of my life in the corporate workforce has been during recessions). It was recorded as "product dollars" and therefore not technically a bonus for tax purposes (so I got to keep more than 50% of it, lol).

So ehhhhh, if I have to work some on Thanksgiving, it's cool. No one will make me do it; it's just a thing I will end up doing if there's enough left to do before our December 1st deadline.