The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Happy Halloween!

I hope you're enjoying yourselves, and going at the candy already. :D

Still hoping to do Halloween sightseeing tonight with my son. It's raining right now, so maybe it'll be done for awhile when it gets dark?

HalfshellHusband is busy trying to fix burned-out fuses in the kitchen, and more dead fuses are resulting. Our house bears some of the marks of the previous owner's use of a manic handyman rather than an electrician, and I think HSH may have stumbled onto one of them. :O

I got my Yuletide assignment. \o? Three fandoms, only one of which I've ever written for (the hardest of my offers, sad to say). No characters. No prompts. No profile info on the requester at LJ, Dreamwidth, or AO3. The mods are trying to see if they can get a little more information from the submitter, and I hope they do. I would think this was a sock-puppet user, but who would go to all that trouble as a sock-puppet?

So, thus far no ideas for Yuletide yet or for the next Idol prompt (the dreaded Open Topic). The final people in from Last Chance Idol must really be rolling their eyes, as they just _did_ an Open Topic.

Back to storm-braining on code (which is not behaving), my Idol topic, and then later... a bike ride in the garage with S7 of House, M.D. for company. This weekend? Writing, a Ducks' football game tomorrow, and the joy that is the California Voters' Guide in there somewhere...

Oh, and... WTF happened with the posting page? The style's changed again. :(
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