The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Behold, the power of socks!

Seriously. I've been struggling with toe-blisters on my left foot for weeks now, and it finally occurred to me that my Thorlo running socks might not have enough padding left. New pair today, and it definitely helped! This is the iffiest pair of Asics I've had yet, though. I usually go up a half-size so my second toe doesn't get squished, but almost didn't this time. Should have trusted my instincts! There's too much swimming around in the toe box, and that always leads to blisters. But why now, after more than a year with these shoes?

This weekend I gathered up a LOT of leaves (Round one. Leaves don't fall in earnest here until late November), and did a little pruning. Mostly in prep for Xmas light season, where I have trouble reaching one of trees I use for displays. HalfshellHusband and I would love to go out for a movie, but don't have any real interest in what's showing. This has been going on since about June!

Also, despite knowing what I wanted to do with my Idol story as early as Friday morning (and having even written the closing lines), I still had to poke it along mercilessly all the way through Monday. Whyyyyyy? I'm starting to miss the feeling of having things flow out on their own!

I probably should have moved my writing setup to a room with a door, because weekends feature my son playing online video games while Skyping with his best friend at high volume. He's upstairs, in an open area (because teens and computers—you know), and the sound comes right down to the living room where I write. OTOH, I could hear him talking about joining Club Penguin again, which he loved about 8 years ago (he's 15 now), and so I was able to tell him not to bother the little kids on the site. That isn't something he'd likely do anyway, but it had to be said. I don't know whether he wound up going there or not, but if he did, it was to do what he always used to do—play the underground-tram-ride game, where you navigate unexpected track changes and eventually crash and knock the penguin out of the tram-car and run over him. The penguin pops back up in the car about a second later, with a happy-idiot expression on his face like nothing happened. Kind of hard to resist, really!

So, Halloween here might be rainy, though I'm hoping not. My kids are too old to trick-or-treat now, but my son puts on his banana costume and we wander the neighborhood and look at decorations for a couple of hours. Because hey, that's my favorite part of Halloween too! What will you be doing?

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