The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Cakeage and more

So, my son was going to postpone his birthday 'party' because his best friend had recently had mouth surgery, and thought he wouldn't be able to eat anything. Mid-afternoon on Saturday, I got the news that his friend could make it! Which meant that I needed to make the freakin' cake after all. o_O The Eye of Sauron idea was definitely out, thanks to the rush, and my son abandoned Zoidberg in favor of the Planet Express ship:


Not _too_ bad, I think. Not my best, but good enough. It was also delicious! Can I tell you how much I love candy vendors who make things like colored candy strings and such? Straight lines are really hard to do with frosting (and fondant is of the Devil, in terms of how it tastes).

I was very glad I'd finished the first draft of my LJ Idol story on Friday night. I just did revisions after that, and honestly—all of Sunday was spent decorating that cake and going for a bike ride. Geez.

Oh, AND! I also watched the Simpsons' Marathon on and off all weekend (and tried to tape whatever would fit on the machine). SO many of my favorite lines went by, and I'm hoping for still more. Plus, possibly some previously unseen appearances by Groundskeeper Willie and the Channel Ocho bee-man.

Back to reading Idol stories. Hope all of you did a little more recreating on your weekend than I did!

Tags: cakes, me, tv
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