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21 August 2014 @ 01:10 pm
A slight step up...  
I spent all of last night reading Idol entries until my brain fried, because our home Internet went out entirely on Tuesday night and HalfshellHusband and I lost valuable reading time! This is me now: o_O

My own Idol story this week was a return to the S.A.T.E.D. universe, which should please at least one f-listie.

So, today is my son's birthday (yes, exactly one week after my daughter's), though it carries different feelings. He's 15 today. My daughter turned 17 last week, and I went to Cost Plus Imports the weekend before that to look for food treats for her. Instead, my happy errand mutated into a heavy emotional funk as soon as I saw the room-decor stuff on display. My daughter will be going to college a year from now, and the thought of it just hit me with a deeper realness. Our son has three more years, so I'll hold off a little longer on moping about him. :O His 'official' birthday cake is being delayed until his friend recovers from mouth surgery and they can par-tay. This is good, because "Eye of Sauron" might not be a workable cake choice (I'm envisioning lots of black frosting, which will not taste good). I worked him away from 'manatee', and might yet steer him back to Futurama as a theme. We'll see.

Books: I finished The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon, the latest No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency novel. This was one of the more 'soulful' in the series, and I really enjoyed it. You don't read these for the plot—they're about the atmosphere and characters. Now I want to watch the HBO series again, and mourn the producer's dying before he could make another season (the casting was terrific). I also finished Sharp Objects, which was captivating but I'm not sure I buy the ending. Sometimes people red-herring themselves past a story's better conclusion and keep going for the sake of being tricky (I'm looking at you, Jeffrey Deaver). Seems like the case here. Currently reading somebody's overpuffed book on the genius of Monty Python's Flying Circus (as in, there's humor but this feels as if it was the thesis the authors used to get their Ph.D. degrees. It reargues the same points several times). Annnd something dry and sneaky that is coming up only with the Russian title in goodreads for me: Pushkin Hills. If I won the lottery, I swear I'd still have a sizeable pile of "to read" books...

I might have mentioned Dread Zeppelin and the Heartbreaker/Heartbreak Hotel medley before, but I finally watched the video with my son. It is some inspired insanity, and the guitarists in the band are good.

Also? Zombeaver!. Though after watching that trailer, the movie would just be redundant. WHY would you make a movie of that? Especially if you are not Asylum Productions? \o?

The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: Yikeshalfshellvenus on August 22nd, 2014 07:47 pm (UTC)
I think he was 6, so it's been awhile! I have to track back to when SPN started, which was 9 years ago. Wow.

Crap, I had not even thought about the tower! Because I'm not a major LOTR fan, so I have seen each of the movies exactly once. Well, Fuuuuuu... I think I'd better bang the Futurama drum a little harder. After all, why not Zoidberg?

That movie does kind of look like a drug escapade, doesn't it? The TRAILER looks like an excellent spoof of stupidity. That it's an actual movie is the part I don't get.

Plus... wouldn't zombeavers just attack other beavers? Or trees (which is no different from their regular behavior)?
cindy: spn - time for a swear word (by phangurltsuki_no_bara on August 22nd, 2014 08:07 pm (UTC)
so we probably met when lauren was in single digits! holy cow.

you could probably do just the eye, like make a round cake and just frost it in flamey colors, without having to worry about the tower. altho yeah, why NOT zoidberg?

who can understand the intricacies of zombeaver behavior....
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on August 22nd, 2014 10:42 pm (UTC)
There should always be Zoidberg in my book, and my son would not disagree! My husband thought I should tackle the Planet Express ship. I probably have an unholy quantity of green food coloring, and I bought some colored Mike&Ike, just in case...