The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Actual Schadenfreude

I forgot to post about this last week, and it happened the day after my post on inventing "Freudenschade" as a concept. In fact, it was the highlight of last Tuesday for me:

As I was nearing the driveway for my office, a guy on a riding mower was cutting the grass next to the curb. Suddenly, a bunch of flappy orange things came flying out from under the mower. He stopped and looked back over the side: "Whuh?"

Dude. You mowed a traffic cone! You'd think the 3-D-ness of it would have caught his attention beforehand...

We went to my brother's house for BBQ and home fireworks on July 4th. It was great as usual, though the trip there was a little faster (and some stretches of the road seemed to be pointing in a new direction). The trip home, where my daughter was really peeved that I wouldn't let her drive through the pitch-black farm roads where there sometimes is no painted edge-line and the oncoming traffic blinds you? Gllllaghhh. Worst trip ever! There was definitely road construction and highway rerouting, and in addition to the usual awfulness, one of those completely unlit areas just had plastic tabs to mark the lanes (no paint!) and giant, widely-spaced construction pylons to indicate where the edge of the road might be. It was a white-knuckle event, and I turned my brights on more than once. :(

HalfshellHusband and I watched Happy Accidents, a romantic comedy with Marisa Tomei and Vincent D'Onofrio. It's very offbeat, and kind of sweet and sad at once, and I can't tell you anything about it without spoiling the plot! But we both liked it. The next night, the family watched Best In Show, a mockumentary about dog-show people by Christopher Guest. It's mostly low-key humor and absurdity, with a great cast. It took me a moment to recognize Guest, playing a red-haired, southern bait-shop owner. I know he mostly does writing/directing, but he really could get steady work as a character actor. The best part of the movie, though? Fred Willard as the host of the dog show, which was almost the whole second half of the movie. Willard has this amazing gift for doing agressively clueless, avuncular characters. I suspect he ad-libbed a lot of his lines there, and the bizarre things that came out of his mouth were a reason on their own to watch the movie. I kind of wish someone would string together all of his moments from Back To You and some of his movie roles, so I could just watch him doing his thing and not have to sit through the entire vehicle-of-conveyance (he's never the lead, so his screentime tends to be small). Fred Willard, I heart you and your particular brand of insanity.

Okay, Wednesday already! I.e., almost Friday! \o/ And where will you all be?

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