The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

It's to a castle I will take you...

by which I mean, inform you that Crazy Castle Guy on I-80 near Sacramento is now building a vineyard on his property. I know this because

  • His castle is right next to the freeway,

  • It's completely visible (because while you might think someone living in that location would immediately put up a soundwall or at least some camouflaging vegetation, that would defeat the purpose of his castle being seen), and

  • The original plot of grapevines continues to expand rapidly. It's nearing a harvestable size.

  • None of this obscures the large boat, the RV, or the construction equipment on the freeway side of the castle, though. Classy!

    I'm thinking 'manic,' personally. About the whole damn thing.

    I finished American Gods, finally. That took forever, though it sped up near the end. That book is a grand, sprawling epic that while a more 'important' endeavor than The Anansi Boys was for me still a lot less fun and less captivating. I'm really glad I read the other first, because I would have been spoiled otherwise for who Fat Charlie Nancy was and exactly how and why his hapless life began to unravel. Next up: The Poet (another Michael Connolly) and perhaps Ancillary Justice (sci-fi), though the world-building in that second one is already annoying me in just the first chapter. Alien cultures? Yes! Weirdness for the sake of being weird? No!

    Apropos of nothing... I want to invent a word that is almost the inverse of Schadenfreude, perhaps something like Freudenschade. It isn't sorrow at others' joy, it's more when you are saddened by something that is happy news for someone else. Specifically, Stephen Colbert's upcoming departure from his show to replace David Letterman. LOTS of people can be talk-show hosts, but there is only one Stephen Colbert. :( And with each passing episode (marked with a countdown of how many are left, just to twist the knife), I regret more and more that The Colbert Report is ending. The celebrity interviews are my least favorite part of the show—I usually skip them! But the insane satire? I live for it. *weeps for the future*

    So, what are you regretting today?

    Tags: books, humor, random, recs-books
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