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Argh, another weekend over...

Still working on the drabbles from last week. Slowwwly. I finished one, and have the House one almost ready. I will get to them, though, in and around working on this next week's Idol story, which is "Open Topic," so... Idol inspiration could come at any time. Or not. Ulp!

I finished The Dog Stars while on vacation. It was a good post-apocalyptic story, though I nearly quit on it because of the prose style. Sentence. fragments. Why? I understand that the author was aiming for a stream-of-conscious style, but there are other ways to execute that without being quite so annoying. Commas! Quotation marks for when people are speaking! Don't make me re-parse sentences on a regular basis, just because you want to be deliberately weird. :(

Still, I enjoyed it the book. The main character, Hig, fancies himself a (failed) poet, and he contrasts well with his co-survival partner, a closed-off, paranoid gun-nut named Bangley. Bangley will grow on you, believe it or not, in sideways fashion. There is hope, love, and pain in this story, and it explores the question of whether living just to live is enough. I loved the dog in the story, and I'm not at all a dog person, so that tells you something. And Bangley's tirades about, "Christ, Hig, are we recreating out here?" are just conceptually funny. Worth trying-- give it at least the first couple of chapters.

I read Chuck Palahniuk's Damned, and in addition to the gratuitious grossness and 'wackiness' there were a couple of distinct moments of, "I don't believe the character would do this." Ugh. The only other Palahniuk book I've read was Haunted, which I forced myself through and utterly hated. HATED. This one was less bad, though the open-ended "Yes, there's a sequel!" conclusion didn't help. Many who love Palahniuk really dislike these more recent books, so I should probably give one of the earlier ones a try before just swearing off of him. But again... ugh.

Still trying to slog through American Gods (and still not thrilled). I just started The Boy Who Shoots Crows because the summary sounded good and our library's ebook service recommended it, but when adult main characters talk about their "mysterious attraction" to people they've just met, and "what is this feeeeeling," I begin to suspect a romance novel in disguise. I'll give it a few more chapters, but it's not looking good.

Some political vids to share, because these satire skits on the situation in Iraq carry a lot of truth: The Daily Show: Middle Eastern Politics, A Love Story, and The Colbert Report: Battling ISIS Militants in Iraq (key snippet starts about 6:00 in, but the whole segment is good). Sorry about the leading ads in both, but the videos are worth it. The Daily Show one is pure humor, but the Colbert one is genius. I think ours is probably one of the few families that finds The Colbert Report consistently funnier than The Daily Show, which is probably large-scale sacrilege. Also? I miss John Oliver as guest-host (more sacrilege)!

Summer plans? Besides those of you who are reading through SPN Big Bangs?

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