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Back, back, back

We got back from Hawaii late on Sunday, and I've been unpacking and working on my Idol story since then. Idol is done, the unpacking is not... but it was a great vacation. This was our one 'big trip' before our daughter goes to college (because who knows what she'll be doing next summer), and I'm just glad we pulled it off. I think her brother enjoyed it more (all the snorkeling! The swimming and floating!), but she enjoyed the adventure moments. Much of the rest was either playing with her phone (ugh), or complaining about why we were going to the beach AGAIN. o_O

I sprouted a minor rash as soon as we hit the Maui airport, but nothing much more developed after that. Usually my skin has had it after about 5 days, so this was an improvement. Lots of sunblock, no sunburns. I bought Dramamine for the snorkeling-boat trip, just in case, and then completely forgot to bring it in the car. That was slightly unfortunate. It isn't so much the motion, it's that slight rocking combined with the smell of the exhaust. Holy cow. As in, all is good unless I'm sitting near the engines, or until the boat stops for snorkelng and I pass through the lingering fumes. Not as bad as last time, where being IN the water made me sick.

We spend the last day at the beautiful Kapalua Bay, which is pretty to look at and has good snorkeling (I am still a fan of Snorkel Bob's, both his print ads and his business practices, so we rent equipment for the week). We'd checked it out the day before, briefly, and our son whined that the half hour he had to explore couldn't POSSIBLY be worthwhile. He came out of the water having seeing two big tortoises and two babies, plus some new fish. So, you know–clearly a waste of time. ;)

I'm reading some of the other Idol entries early, but I have a little free time, so guess what? Free drabbles to the first five requestors. Please name your fandom and prompt, and check my fic pages to see what I know and usually write. Not het, obviously, and generally slash for my OTPs. Lots of gen. You can also suggest something you know I've watched but never written, and I'll give it a try. Comment below!

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