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Important Marketing News...

Courtesy of my son: Bacon-Flavored Ritz Crackers are a thing that exists. And they are smoky goodness. You're welcome. :D

We're going on vacation in a week, so I'm trying to get work stuff squared away. Meanwhile, another Idol topic has come up, and this one leaves me with no good ideas at all:

Recency bias

As in, a bias toward recent trends/ideas/etc.

If you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

We finished watching the last episode of this season's Justified, which was a continued installment of 'Meh'. If this coming year is the final one for the show, I'm afraid that what I want to see isn't where things will actually go. I'd like to see Boyd redeemed, as in, putting crime behind him and using his smarts for good and not for evil. There is no chance in hell that the show will go there, though. I think it'll circle around toward the Pilot all over again, and come to a painful resolution of the finale it avoided the first time around. :( I think the other would actually be more interesting though—let Raylan be persuasive for a change, and let them both grow up a little.

Aren't delusions fun? If I'd had my way, Burn Notice would have veered off in a completely different direction around S5, and everyone would have been MUCH happier with that. It's a sad thing when you hate the final season of a show you've loved. Yes, I'm looking at you Buffy...

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