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I was going to post an entry about a week ago, but my Saturday fell apart, my parents visited clear through Monday morning, and this past week got derailed.

Going into last weekend, I was within 30 pages of finishing three different books, and polished them all off: The Twelfth Card (a mystery, Lincoln Rhyme series), The Man Who Ate The 747 (cute, and never became as heavily a romance as I'd feared it might), and NOS4A2. That last book was just fascinating. Joe Hill is awfully hard on his characters, but they prove themselves to be resilient. He takes ordinary-seeming people and puts them through impossible events and challenges, and somehow they find it within themselves to survive. He's also extremely creative. Based on the title (sound it out!), you might think you know what NOS4A2 is about, but that turns out to be a loose abstraction of something entirely different.

Now that those are done, I'm reading The Gods Of Guilt (Michael Connelly, in the Lincoln Lawyer series), American Gods (so far, liking it less than "Anansi Boys"), and some Jack Reacher novel is waiting for the gym. I'm trying to finish up the one Connelly so I can get to Trunk Music (in the Harry Bosch series).

HalfshellHusband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this week. It was on a week night, so fairly subdued. We did not make plans in time for going away this weekend (we forgot we could potentially leave the kids by themslves now), and were going to spend a nice day together today... but life turned upside down midweek when his brother had a stroke and went into the hospital. He had a number of other strokes after that, even on blood thinners and medication, but (*crosses fingers*) does not seem to have suffered permanent damage. All of that has slowed down to where the hospital might release him tomorrow. Scary as hell. We're just glad he seems to be doing okay.

Everything else is just kind of blurring together, for now...

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