The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

LJ Idol "An Adventure Of 'Yes'": The Rare Red

You and several other people from the bus gather around the vintner, who opens two of the old bottles and pours a measure of wine for each of you. You go through the process you've watched all morning—the theatrics of swirling, smelling, and finally tasting. The flavor is not quite what you'd hoped—mustier, with undertones of moldy raisins. The man next to you makes a face, but other people appear to be savoring the experience. You try a few more swallows, but no. It's awful.

Can't win them all, right? You wander back toward the appetizers, but most of them are gone, and you're left with an herbed cream-cheese concoction dolloped on tiny pieces of rye bread. You're only able to grab a few of them before it's time to leave again. The next place had better have more to eat, or you may find yourself buying every random food item the gift shop has to offer.

The last winery is a blur, though. You remember getting off the bus and going inside, but you're back in your seat again now. Everyone else is in good spirits, so you shrug it off. The bus pulls out of the parking lot and begins the final journey back to town.

Fifteen minutes later, you've gone from disoriented to miserable. It feels like your belly is full of boiled cabbage—when the Hell did that happen? You hear a sudden explosion, and the bus swerves and lurches its way to the shoulder of the road.

The driver gets out and walks around behind the bus to take a look. "God damn it!"

He comes stomping around to the front again (Too loud, much too loud) and makes a phone call. You hear muttering about some 'joker' back at the office who swiped the spare, and then he announces that you'll have to wait while a new tire gets delivered. A burst of rain rattles on the roof of the bus, effectively trapping everyone inside. You moan out loud. It'll be another hour at least, and you're already doubled over in agony as your stomach roils in retaliation against some unimaginable sin.

The other passengers stare at you in squinty-eyed horror, daring you not to puke.

Well, this isn't quite what you were expecting. Are you wishing you'd picked a different adventure?

Tags: my_fic, original_fiction, real lj idol

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