The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

LJ Idol "An Adventure Of 'Yes'": Hors d'Ouevres

You try not to rush toward the food, but it's hard to be casual. You eat one of everything, several times, hoping that makes it less obvious that you are steadily trying to approximate 'lunch.'

You converse with people from the other tour groups. One fairly tanked guy with wild hair raves about his eco-friendly vegetation-control business, and how he's looking for investors. He offers you his card, and while you're not interested, this is a New You, so you take it. The card says, Goatscaping. You excuse yourself to use the bathroom, and stay on the other side of the crowd after you return.

You don't remember much about the last winery, except that you enjoy it. Everyone piles back onto the bus for the drive home, and the mood is drowsy and pleasant. You fall asleep surrounded by the snores of the other passengers, only to awaken to a loud BOOM! off in the distance. Everyone is as confused as you are, even after the driver points to a distant column of smoke spiraling up into the sky.

Still, it was a great trip overall, well worth the time and money. Or do you think otherwise?

Tags: my_fic, original_fiction, real lj idol

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