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05 May 2013 @ 04:44 pm
LJ Idol "An Adventure Of 'Yes'": The Aerial Promenade  
The pilot seems to sulk after that, but it's your money, right? You soar over the countryside, where the cows are like dots against velvety green meadows. It's beautiful up here. The hills cluster closer and closer together heading east, until they become mountains. It's so different from seeing it all by car, especially the places roads don't go.

The pilot arcs back toward the city, which looks different too. Who knew there were so many swimming pools in your town? Who can afford those? There are a lot more trees than you realized, too. It looks nice down there, unhurried and peaceful.

Suddenly, the pilot swears, and you hear a "Ploompf!" sound up front. There is an explosion of snow over the front windshield. Pink snow.

"Motherfucking geese!" the pilot yells.

The plane tips down and to the left, and the pilot flips buttons on the control panel and struggles to keep the wings up. It's no use. The plane starts to spiral, spinning faster and faster until it's pointing straight down. You run through a succession of prayers and pleas as what looks a Hell of a lot like your house seems to rise up from the ground.

Oh, why didn't you just stay home today?

If only you'd made a different choice!