The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Nightmares and backaches and the whole bit

Tired today, after a long night of a sore back (but not enough to wake me up to take some meds!) and bad dreams. I've got a bike ride looming, in the heat. Give me strength!

I feel like I lost most of the weekend. I was up until 2am Friday and Saturday night, and kind of "blah" as a result. I finished my Idol entry, I bought tomato plants that did not make it into the ground (other yard work caught my eye first), and I bought sale-price Easter candy and ate too much of it (probably part of the "blahs," to be honest).

I did get out for a bike ride on Sunday, though. The weather was cold (63 vs. today's nearly 90!!) and cloudy, which cut down on the number of other people who were out. There was an egret right on the bike-path shoulder (which made me worry that it would step out in front of my bike, as with all large birds). I also saw quail (adults only—it's too early for chicks), but more surprising... an owl, standing on top of a twig in one of the sloughs. It was out in broad daylight, and the light was reflecting off its lighter-colored face. Looked like a common barn owl, but not terribly common in the city at any time of day!

I finished the Flavia de Luce book I was reading (very disappointed in it) and a couple of other books. Now I've started into Joe Hill's NOS4A2, which is already incredibly creepy and fascinating. I don't much like the horror genre, but I really like Joe Hill—which makes me wonder if I should give his father's books a try. His father is Stephen King. Hrm...

All right. Time to sunblock and make myself Do That Thing outside. With energy! Or, fake energy, at least. \o?

Tags: books, cycling, me
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